Merry Christmas Everyone


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2 May 2012
Frankly, this year hasn’t been so good to many of us so far.
As for me, I have seen family members, friends and colleagues going through very hard times because of a long-lasting illness, loss of a job, loss of a marriage, financial problems, depression and another very serious disease.
Some of us have more issues than you can shake a stick at, so feeling down goes with the territory.
In such a situation it can be very difficult to come up with adequate Christmas wishes.

And yet... it’s time to reflect on the year 2019 and being grateful for everything that worked out well – in spite of it all.
Focusing on the positive sometimes helps me to keep things in perspective.
My two little nephews (age 5) welcome this Christmas with open arms - I'm going to take a leaf out of their book.

Here’s hoping that your Christmas will find you among family and friends, sharing time and the spirit of the season.
May this spirit bring you closer to those whom you cherish so much and care so deeply for as well as good health, confidence and hope to all those who need it most.

From my heart to yours... I wish you all a joyful Christmas!


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15 Mar 2012
Falkirk, United Kingdom
Thank you.

Yes, this year has been challenging. Health issues have made things physically challenging and things like the water leak early in the year and the on/off saga of my Mum’s hip operation has caused some stress. But they are things that you have to adapt and cope with. Whilst they were challenging for us at the time we are aware how others have had and still have things much worse.

Hate seems to be driving so many things around the world making it a toxic place if you are slightly different fromwhat is considered ‘normal’. After what seemed to be progress we seem to be moving back to an era where moral and ethical standards are ignored.

Despite that there are often signs that people will stand up against those changes and not accept the backward move. Simple things like the humor on here and acts of kindness brighten our lives and I hope will turn the tide.

I hope you all enjoy this holiday period and get a chance to rest and relax.

Merry Christmas 🎄


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15 Mar 2012
Halmstad - Sweden
2019 has indeed been a mixed bag both in the small and big world. Polarization in many places instead of dialogue, anti-science on the rise and it’s hard to understand that in 2019 there’s still a lot of racism, misogyny and bigotry etc. But the of course a lot of good progress in other areas.

Closer to home we’ve been fortunate to have no major mishaps apart from my neck injury - successful surgery was however a bliss. Oh, and saying adios to work was also fun :giggle:

Merry Christmas!

PS What I feel when I join a round of BF...



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15 Mar 2012


NRU Heed
15 Mar 2012
Falkirk, United Kingdom
So we are now into a New Year and already. With so many things already happening at a political level and even worse things that are climate related it is hard to have much optimism about our world especially with people in charge who seem to be looking out only for their friends or paymasters.

However, you NRU folk are an oasis of smiles either because of comments that bring real laughter or when playing BF and just having fun. It may only be a distraction sometimes from real world issues but it is always welcome. 👍🏼


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23 Jun 2016
Germany, Munich
i am sure you all will complain about new battlefield versions, so i do not think there are so much changes to the past ;)

just do more of the things you like and dont think about all that other bullshit you can not even influence ...


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