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22 Oct 2017
Hey, my name is Jean Francois, my gamertag is "Superwaschmaschine" but i changed my name on Origin because of some inside joke and never bothered to change it back. I'm 19 years old and come from Germany. I am currently in an apprenticeship as a software developer. My Hobbys are playing guitar, gaming (of course) and playing Airsoft.

I've been playing Battlefield more or less actively since Battlefield 3.
I really enjoy flying and mostly play as Recon or Pioneer.

I've been completely without any Clan since 2 or 3 years now and I started missing having a place where i can talk with people about stuff and all of this kind of "gaming family" thing. I'm pretty much active daily and always up for some Battlefield 4. I'd like to join NRU because, well, good question. You guys seemed very friendly and cared about each other in game, so it just came into my mind that I want to be part of this family.

That's pretty much it, always open to answer any questions i left open and I hope that I'll hear from you soon.
hi jean francois,

thanks fpr your apllication. :) you are very new to us, just registred at our website and also just 6 hours playtime on our server. so i hope i have your understanding that we can´t start a application vote now because most of us would vote abstain because they don´t know you or had played with you. result would be, that you will not win the vote.

so please have a bit more playtime on our server we know each other a bit more and we can start a vote :)

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