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3 Dec 2012
Worcestershire, UK
1. Edd, 26, UK

2. bf2 - mrtea420
bc2 - marenghi
bf3 - marengh1 (old) marenghii (current) - stats in my sig

3. As far as i can remember i've been banned once in BF3, joined a German server and got auto-banned for being in the wrong country - Thanks Germany :tbag::tbag::tbag:

4. i'm on the servers most nights as i'm working an easy job at the moment. active admins and a clan that doesn't take itself to seriously are a plus for me. oh and i enjoy the occasional dip of my manhood when it's required, some members need to learn they're the takers not givers lol



my question - i never see any of the bf3 guys/gals on ts3 from the website viewer, so do you limit all of your abuse to just text or does xfire have voice?
good luck with the app mate

but banned by zee germans eh ? i will have a word with mac and see if we can ban a few of the deck chair,stealing lederhosen wearing,pimmels from here just to add balance
Hey m8, cool to see your application :)
Lakaelo will make some background checks as usual, I guess you have enough hours. Don't forget 60 days of active forum membership :)

As for the TS thing, I really like it. But somehow it's always empty for BF3. When I played BF2 we always were on TS, every night. So we don't really use it that often :)

Good luck with your app! Ah yeah set me as a recommender if you want to :)

Ah and all of us Germans in here are neat, don't worry about that haha
AW: Marenghi

hi edd,

nice that you will us too. ;)

my question - i never see any of the bf3 guys/gals on ts3 from the website viewer, so do you limit all of your abuse to just text or does xfire have voice?

lmao for me i only use ingame chat. think most of us too but from time to time there are some bf3 guys in TS too. mostly they just need " come in TS you cock "

you got your 60 days forum activity ( joined 3. dezember 12 ) as well as your gameactivity on our server. there you have over 110 hours. so there is no prob and i look at your gamebackground. :)

the alias 5puggy is also linked to you. is that you too?

so you only need 5 guys for your recommendation and i play oft enough with you so i can say i make the first one.

1: lakaelo
2: t11medic
add me to recommended list, even tho he's dodgy lol
AW: Marenghi

i recommend u too but u must now die more if i shot at you
Re: AW: Marenghi

5puggy is a mate of mine, he brought his PC round once or twice so we both logged in on the same network. other than that he's nothing to do with me :)

"Casually brings his pc to you", I'm kinda hoping it was a notebook :p
He's a Brit so he'll do for me.

I'm happy to back him too.

Best of luck with your application Marenghi, I'm sure you will be absolutely fine.
cheers lads wasn't expecting that to go so quickly. and thanks for the backing by people i've never played with before?? lol
AW: Marenghi

and with the TS i dont go at TS3 then iam allways curse and i allways use fecal language so its not good for rescue my kind personality Imao

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