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NRU Member
21 Aug 2013
Bedford UK
Can we get some extra maps onto the rotation?
Really rather play with you guys but need some variation, gulian peaks, caspian, and propoganda are some of my favourite. Starting to get a little bored on the current ones.
Also it has been nice to have some company on TS, being swamped by the Germans though:???: . If im on server ill be on TS.
thanks for this post nestie :D

about TS:
yeah ts bf4 channel (in general all channels) is very empty at the moment.... mostly random guys using our ts for other games (which is totally fine for me as long they stay kind)

bf2 channel was always great fun but even bf2 m8s that have been on Ts quite often let us alone when they now play bf3/4...

Give yourself a kick and join us noobies its always great to have a noobie squad online.... ok but this was online a sidetopic ;)

to the other topic...

i would really want to see some different maps :D i think we stay conquest ?? what about having a vote for new maps... i think pretty much everybody now has premium or am i wrong ?
ahhhh and loeft get yourself on ts next round you play on our bf4 server

it really hurts joker and my feelings if you only shoot us or is your wife too dominant for that?

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