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NRU Heed
so after the mission outbreak map is released you can see some new player on our server. that the reason we still stuck in that outbreak map only.

but i think we should talk and even more plan, what map rotation we will have. in the past we had over 20 maps or mods in rotation and i think that is a bit to much.

personaly i would prefer just 5-8 maps/mods in rotation, equel to much other server. so what you mean about that?

eventually everyone could post his favorite map ( only vanilla / basic maps so everyone without premium can play too ) and mod and so we can make a little charts after this and bring them on the server.
Hello lords:)Thanks Lakaelo for message.We are pleased.Our idea on NRU server is. 1)Maps are ok,but i think,good start map for server is operation locker. 2)Visit rate is low and Big CQ is not good choice.CQ yes,but less. 3)What we does not liked are TDM,because many peoples are only campers.This mode is better qua Domination.Players must go takes the flags.Have a nice day man and thank you
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hello and welcome HC girls. :D I message them in battlelog to come to our forum to talk about what ideas they have for maps because they are also playing nearly everyday on our server.


would be nice you make a list with the maps you would like to have.

like this one:

1. operation locker QC
2. operation locker DOM
1.Operation locker DOM
2.Zavod 311 small CQ
3.Siege of Shanghai small CQ and DOM
4.Hainan repord DOM
5.Flood zone DOM
6.Operation Outbreak small CQ and DOM when will not problem with extencion.
Domination mode is probably an ideal as it is a small map, has a TDM feel to it but also objectives. Map wise, after thinking about it I don't really have a favourite and can't say there are any that I really dislike. The new ones that are about on the CTE are interesting. The TDM map is quite large but has enough variation in levels that suits most types of player. Yes there are sniper spots but you can get behind them. The conquest map is massive. Running from one end to the other will take a bit of time.

The server does seem to be attracting players from far and wide recently. It still amazes me that a game can have people from so many different places playing together. I know that may not be their location but even if it is their nationality it is impressive. Obviously, distance will probably result in an increase in ping. In general this doesn't really affect gameplay. Yesterday, for some reason my ping was fluctuating between 17 and 180. I didn't notice any difference when playing. Maybe worth mentioning that we don't kick for high ping?

The obvious exception would be where someone is using it as an advantage or where it is causing an issue for other players. There seems to be enough discussion on the web to suggest a high ping isn't the only factor. I think most people would admin in a rational way. If you do have a family watching a film and playing games on other devices we can't really kick them for that.

I like that the in-chat message says that we play for fun. So true. There are plenty of 'serious' servers to play on. I liked NRU servers because I wasn't made to feel like a noob even if I was one and plenty of members were willing to give help and advice. To be honest, despite being oval 140, I still feel like a noob as there is so much to learn but having fun is more important. Protecting new players from abuse will help. A couple of times recently, even on the CTE servers, you get players that start abusing others for using the 'wrong' weapon. I always ask them to tell us what we should be using. Never seem to get an answer though. I'll also comment if someone is being abusive or racist or any of the other ''ists you can have. I think you have a responsibility to out the players and report them.

Banter is one thing but abuse is another.

Sorry, drifted away from the topic a bit but I think having a 'safe' server were new players will know that they won't get abused is important too.

Getting regular players like the HC guys and WalentiiO is nice. There are a few servers I play on depending what I want to play. Still makes me smile when you join and someone says SUAV guy is here! :D

Choosing the right maps and modes is one part of the puzzle. Making it friendly and fair is something I think we are already pretty good at.
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very nice posting glen. :)

i think most of us did´t kick for high ping. not at least because it isn´t a fact who is affect the server or other player.
so i would say we should never kick for high ping on our server.

we can be glad that so many folks for all over the world found our server and even play with us. i remember just some days back we had some friendly guy from bangladesh and one from kuwait. its interesting to play with people from the other end of the world.

even more we can be glad we have some more player on our server.
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1.operation locker CQ
2.lumphimi garden DOM or CH.LINK
3.flood zone DOM
4.operation outbreak CQ or DOM
5.zavod 311 CQ or DOM
6.:D:D:D bye
Going off on a little tangent have you noticed theres operation outbreak 30hz or 60hz
this is to do with ticket count may affect your ping so its worth looking into (y)
Going off on a little tangent have you noticed theres operation outbreak 30hz or 60hz
this is to do with ticket count may affect your ping so its worth looking into (y)

the new tickrate ( up to 144 hz) is still in betaphase atm. our server is still running on 30hz and i think all hoster will be upgraded one after one. after that the game will setup itself what rate it use always fitting to your hardware.

any other maplist with your fav maps? would like to start with the new map rotation this week or not?
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Plenty of choice here to keep us going, operation outbreak for me is the best map in the series so far, it offers jungle warfare, buildings open areas it covers them all.

1.Seige shanghai CQ DOM
2.lumphimi garden CH.LINK
3.flood zone CQ DOM
4.operation outbreak CQ & DOM & Chain link
5.zavod 311 CQ & DOM
6.Hainan resort DOM
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Domination is great for starting server but can we get more Conquest when server is full? I think 30 players in little Domination map what is smaller than lakas backyard is terrible spawn rape fest. :D
Domination is great for starting server but can we get more Conquest when server is full? I think 30 players in little Domination map what is smaller than lakas backyard is terrible spawn rape fest. :D

its really "full" on domination maps and i have to say you have also getting used to that amount of player. but its also very interesting and challenging.

before we change something we will stay an this maplist to see how it works and if we start to develop the server to get more player or better, to have constantly more player. after that we can change or pur 1-2 other maps ( big CQ ) into roation. but this will not happen in next days.

also we have still the option to increase the slots up to 48 or even 64 player.

we have to take the chance now. we have our regular NRU player and the HC guys which playing nearly every day, than our handfull regulars player and now we should take the chance to get this server up to a proper running server with other and new regular player.
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Domination is a very good compromise mode. Some of the maps are better than others because they are slightly larger of have sufficient terrain changes to make it harder to get line of sight from all of the map. It is good to see the regulars on there and also that it is attracting randoms too. The regulars know the rules and what is acceptable in chat but there have been odd comments from randoms that we may need to educate them as to what is acceptable or not.

Slightly off topic but on CTE now the have four new superiority modes! Not had a chance to play these yet but they look like fun and are probably worth having a go at. I know some think of CTE as testing for free but you do get to try out the new maps and modes and any bugs and glitches can be reported and hopefully resolved. The result should be a new map, mode, or update that has had a decent amount of testing before it gets let loose in the wild. There will always be bugs that get through no matter how much testing you do but I think the CTE is helping to limit the number of major bugs that appear.

  • BF3 Tank Superiority on Caspian!
  • Growler Superiority on Golmud Railway!
  • Snowmobile Superiority on Arctic Research
  • Skid-loader Superiority on Siege of Shanghai tower!
Where we have No Baserape No Racism in chat box there also should be
Abuse will not be tolerated instant Ban

We ought to have a go on chain link its good fast paced action
Abuse is a tricky one as we have discussed here before. It is the ones who start moaning about a particular weapon - getting SUAVed or an RPG in the mush and then give the usual <insert weapon name> noob/fagot (nobody ever uses the correct spelling so technically they are calling someone a meatball!) that really annoys me. A ban isn't good enough for them - judicious use of a taser on their nads might teach them! :D

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