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NRU Heed
my wife sandra saw some sushi making on a youtube block and we would like to give it a try to make our own sushi. :) so we went shopping for the stuff we need.

- sushi rice
- algae leaves
- sauce, wasabi , spice and so on.
- salmon
- tuner
- paprika
- snake cucumber
- cream cheese
- mango

and some bambo rolls to give it the form.

sadly we made the rice not spicy enough so it was really a bit bland but we going to give it a new try again tomorrow. first the first attempt it was not bad and now we know what we can do better. :D

but it looks not bad at all.


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Looks really nice and fresh. Not had sushi for a while, probably since I tried to make it. Wasabi is something from the devil, looks so innocent in its small tube with that pale green colour. Then you get a little too much and wham! You expect folk in white chemical incident suits to appear and carefully take away the tube.
ohh yes, wasabi can be horrible lol but i like that the hot spicy feeling is gone after some seconds. not like a chili hot what you have in your mouth for minutes.

lol just remembering at a family dinner years ago with my granddad. we had having dinner at a chinese restaurant and he used the fucking hot sambal oelek sauce like some kind of tomato past and put a lot of them on his noudles. loool after his first try we are nearly died from laughing and he nearly died from the hot spice lool

back to our sushi. looks like its hard to find the right recept for the rice to make it tasty and right texture. will see how it works today. :)
I got a box and of "sushi rice" and that worked well - was sticky enough to stay together but I hadn't thought of spicing or flavouring it. Have been inspired to try again.

Isobel suffers from a stress related sinus thing. I've championed wasabi but she won't try it. Clears nostrils in a way nothing else can.

At a works Christmas dinner at a curry restaurant we started having a chilli eating contest. Quite a few of the dishes had whole chillis in them and after a few drinks a challenge was made. We had to eat four of these chillis. I've found pretending to chew them and swallowing the whole is the best way both in and out! The other chewed them. Never seen people sweat so much in the middle of winter. They were also this funny red colour too.

Sriracha sauce is also one of those that has the look of an innocent child's but is really like a terrier trying to chew your nuts off. Isobel hasn't forgiven me for letting her think it was like tomato ketchup. I didn't say anything so wasn't technically in the wrong. Got one of those looks ( in between litres of water being drunk) and it was quiet for quite a while.
lmao yes, thats the situation its nice to have a cam on the mobile phone to make "accidently" a video from that. lol

just started to make a new sushi session because sandra was ambitiously to make a good and tasty one. so we ( she ) started it eary today lol yesterday we had not tried / flavoried the rice that much as now and you can taste that it is waaaay better. didn´t expect that it is so important to spice up the rice this way.

however, now we have 19 sushi rolls so far. they have to cool down a bit more and i think in 3-4 hours we can give it a try again.

here is a first look at the uncut rolls. can call it directors cut food porn lol


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damn i havent had sushi since i last had a social dinner with my colleagues from Work XD

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