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15 Mar 2012
Its not sexual.....

I was hoping some of your techy people might be able to give me some advice.
Im looking to change our site header http://www.england-clan.co.uk/news.php ( normaly thats easy) , but in this case the current header consists of Multi-able images.
I want to keep the current header as one Image ( attached below).
Ive had a go at editing the theme & Style.css but its not as easy as I though for this one :D

Eventually I want to embed a flash vid into this new image..... that will be my next headach :) .
Any info you want/need just let me know.

Thanks in advance for any suggestion & help.




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What did you try when you had a go?

I'm going to guess it's not a simple as removing the .r8m,.r0m and .r1m classes and creating one the same size as all those together in it's place

Don't know if I will be able to help a lot, CSS (and page layouts in general) have always been a pain in the arse to me lol
e107 ? if it is then arrrrrgggggghhhhh lol
@smokey im sure mac has a copy of the theme we use to use if u want it :D

lol update i think its the same theme lmao
@ Samoz,
guess it's not a simple as removing the .r8m,.r0m and .r1m classes and creating one the same size as all those together in it's place

That is exactly what I tryed lol , I was sure it would work, but It just removed all the images & didn't replace the new class I created for some reason. I edited both the Css & the Theme & edited the default Header

@ Sordids It may well be lol, I could probably edit a working version :)
would have asked a m8 of mine to help who is pretty handy with coding, flash etc but unfortunately he's offline for a long time due to difficulties..

but.. i'd have the header made as one big project with flash and all, same res and just swap it out when done. damn.. hope you can find someone that can help. :/
24hrs of pulling my hair out I got it sorted....... well the first part :D
Cheers Guys
The 2nd part should be easier just a div inside the image header div, floating or whatever using something like one of the nivo products or another flash player thing lol (posting on phone so can't type a lot :p)
Yea I was think about using a div container, but it might cause issues on some browsers, so I might just try make one complete Flash image with the banner as the background layer.
Means I need to download & learn Adobe again , oh the feckin joys :p
ugh flash :( I'd rather use jplayer or html5 (if you use jplayer you won't be able to stream tough :/ which is the only downside of javascript)

edit - yeah i know compatibility issues and stuff with html5... but as a bf3 clan we could assume that everyone has a decent enough pc to use or download chrome or atleast the latest version of IE *I just puked a little in my mouth*.
To be fair IE 9/10 are actually okay it's just the idiots who are stuck on 6/7/8, haven't tried HTML5 video yet but could be a good alternative

Edit: just thought the downside for html5 video is the fecking codec situation as not all support MP4, WebM or Ogg
yeah they do still have some codec issues, but then again, html5 is still in development. also IE 9 doesnt really satisfy me... IE 10 is starting to look like it but still no cigar.
IE's problem is that it's being updated once every year... while chrome, safari, mozilla and opera are being updated every month
So far my IE8 has been working fine on my work laptop lmao... to be fair I use Chrome for almost everything but last time I tried updating it to IE9 all hell broke loose and haven't tried since...
IE does work... but it doesn't support the fancy css features, which makes it a nightmare for website developers, To be honest i'm giving a warning on most of my websites to either download a better browser or atleast update to the latest IE.
They can ignore it ofcourse... its just a sign that you can click away, not a cop. But i'm not putting in all the effort to make it look fancy on < IE9
We used to have the same, not anymore as looking at the analytics it seems <13% now use IE 8 and under which is good news lol. For some reason though some people are still on chrome 18 and FF 13 when viewing the nru site tsk tsk :p
I'm on chrome 24 right now but IE is losing its marketshare (thankgod) but still... ~34% is still too much for IE
sam said "<13% now use IE 8 and under which is good news lol." wtf that's what i have got :) i mean it does work some of the time lol. in fact no it doesn't i use chrome for this fancy new site ..... probably chrome 18 .. tsk tsk lol.
I would check if you are or not as you will be using the old flash version which is a security risk
eh ?? do you mean ie or chrome samoz ? thanks for the heads up :)
I would keep both updated but I meant Chrome really as flash is included with it
thanks smaoz will look into it :) erm where do i look into it ? ..............only kidding .

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