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15 Mar 2012
hi guys just curoius what u use for a router our ild netgear wnd3300 isnt working properly and id like to know what u guys use for a router. i want something that has a few ports for my conected gaming rig and our homeschool pc as well as something that can handle a bunch of wifi enabled equipment 3 cellphones 2 tablets 2 wifi enabled blu ray players and anything else we might connect wirelesslysuggestions are welcome by all any brand i am just sick of unplugging the damned thing and plugging it back in to get wifi acess
I've been using a D-Link one (looks like a black tube) which has ac standard. Had no issues with it at all since getting it about 4 months ago. On my iPad I can get 150mbps transfer speeds when near it and though it drops further away it is still pretty speedy. No issues with Ethernet connections either. Most hardware is Ethernet (TV, PS3, BluRay, Amp, Apple TV, Mac Mini Server, Windows Server, Laptops, NAS, etc) and transfer rates are high. Have about 8 wifi connected devices and they all connect fine.

The device has a comple of lights on the front but nothing too bright and no flashing lights on the connections which helps depending on where it is going to be. Power button is at the back and easy to get to. It was easy to set up though there are plenty of options if you want to delve in. Usually reboot routers every month just to as they seem to slow down but this one has so far been fine. Overall I'm pretty pleased with it.

Update: Device is a D-Link AC1750 also has a USB 3 port for an external disk though I've not tried that.

DIR-868L Wireless AC1750 Dual-Band Gigabit Cloud Router with AC SmartBeamTM Technology | D-Link UK
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Looks a nice router and the review is good too.

My old router had been working fine but just felt slow on wifi. I would suggest that if anyone has a lot of new wifi devices that they consider a new router as the speed increase can be dramatic especially if you stream video over wifi.

As a general comment about routers and networks I wish designers would actually think about how they look once you have a power cable and five network cables plugged into them. They don't have enough weight to keep them stable with the cables in place (if they are upright designs) and please have a button to switch off ALL the lights as you don't need to see them flashing unless it isn't working - that would increase the WAF (wife acceptance factor) enourmously.
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