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26 Aug 2012
Saw this on a billboard outside work earlier this evening! I was like wtf...!

It's a genuine drink as well!


C'mon then guys, who'll be drinking some :p


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lol you wouldnt get away with that in blighty ,, gotta be european lol
I've seen it in tesco's before, haven't brought it yet though
i already had my lips round a refreshing pussy today, cant say i need another just yet!

Oh & sam bet if it was called cock you'd have had some already..... lol
oh please chip dont rub it in i am celibate :}

seen it in tescos sam' ?? well fooketh me !

dont know what this country is coming too

next thing it will be jizz facial cream or freshly buttered muffin for sale .... mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm muffin lol
I must admit, I was a bit shocked when driving past it. It's just so daring!

I agree though, what next...!
lmao chip u know the visuals we all have runnin through r head now :)
That drink has been out for a over a year in England!!
Obviously, you guys leave the wife to do the shopping so u wouldn't know what is in a supermarket!
lol i wish we had pussy on the local shelves of my grocery store here in Maine .. i do all the shopping so id have a stock pile of pussy
lol i wish we had pussy on the local shelves of my grocery store here in maine .. I do all the shopping so id have a stock pile of pussy

you have to go to ask the girl at the supermarket info: "have you got pussy juice?" :eek:

Come on the question would have to be just *do you sell pussy?*

Then run when she hits a panic alarm.

You'd be getting a section 136 if the police turned up.

"Section 136 is a similar order that allows a police officer to take a person whom they consider to be mentally disordered to a “place of safety” as defined above. This only applies to a person found in a public place. Once a person subject to a Section 135 magistrates' order or Section 136 police officers' order is at a place of safety, they are further assessed and, in some cases, a Section 2 assessment order or Section 3 treatment order implemented."
laka and ninja lol funny
lmao... so mari are you saying you regularly get yourself some pussy at the local supermarket???? just asking
Drove past the billboard again today! Had a big grin on my face.

Art did you previously play on a BF2 server called Crash & Burn?
aw c'mon chip. she just told us she knows much better than us men where to get pussy. LOL.

i'd like the mor edirect approach..

"i need some pussy, where do you have it?"
"gimme some pussy , please"
"how much for pussy?"


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