Lol Funny Guy On Our Server :d

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NRU Heed
had that convo just now lmao

[19:23:38] Viking_Flink betrat den Server..
[19:25:45] lakaelo > domination with 2 player is a bit boring lol
[19:27:23] lakaelo > looool missed you got a partner
[19:27:43] Viking_Flink > nife camper noob ashole
[19:28:01] lakaelo > you must have a little penis :)
[19:28:10] Viking_Flink > no
[19:28:31] Viking_Flink > go to hell kiss mom
[19:28:38] Viking_Flink > dart noob
[19:28:47] lakaelo > no i will not kiss your mom
[19:29:09] Viking_Flink > nevert my my mom is daed fuck your self ashole
[19:29:27] lakaelo > you said i should kiss her?
[19:29:46] Viking_Flink > go to hell kiss your self in ashole
[19:30:07] lakaelo > this works? i tried but i can kiss my asshole. you really tried this? nice
[19:30:39] Viking_Flink > is never works becuse you are a basterd
[19:31:12] lakaelo > i know but what has this to do with your mom?
[19:31:46] Viking_Flink > you never meet her in hell becuse she in heaven you never com to mom you are gay
[19:32:38] lakaelo > your are poor guy. she was gay? wtf your dad was saying about that?
[19:33:03] Viking_Flink > iam not you talking about your self alltime
[19:33:34] lakaelo > no reason to shame about that you are gay. if you like it. nobody have a problem with
[19:33:38] lakaelo > that.
[19:33:59] Viking_Flink > you have problem in life not me gay '
[19:34:23] Viking_Flink > ashole bitcjh
[19:34:41] Viking_Flink > camper ashole you allways camping noob'
[19:35:06] lakaelo > np as a gay chap you will love it i think
[19:35:30] Viking_Flink > quiet crap camper ashole fuck your self noob
[19:35:33] kyntteri69 betrat den Server..
[19:35:57] lakaelo > if your penis is big enough it whould work to fuck yourself. i tried it but mine is too
[19:36:00] lakaelo > small
[19:36:13] Viking_Flink > bla bla you talk like a child gay hore
[19:37:03] lakaelo > no problem. you can play here and we love you too
[19:37:26] Viking_Flink > hahahahahahahhaah you dont now what love is child
[19:37:55] lakaelo > sure. still np if you are a gay child
[19:38:32] kyntteri69 > hi
[19:38:38] SargeSuprise > hi
[19:38:50] lakaelo > hi hannu. we have a gay SWE here but no problem. he is a nive guy
[19:38:56] lakaelo > nice
[19:39:01] kyntteri69 > ok
[19:39:39] lakaelo - US Army - Alpha > he is a asshole and raging and moaning and if he not stops i will ban him in some seconds
[19:39:55] kyntteri69 > lol
[19:41:25] lakaelo > noooooo lol
[19:43:19] lakaelo > fuck. my shild lol
[19:44:08] lakaelo > where is the pink SWE?
[19:44:27] SargeSuprise > there
[19:44:56] Viking_Flink > CAMPER ASHOLE GAY
[19:45:15] kyntteri69 > lol
[19:45:23] lakaelo > got him lol what was you doing there in the corner? so alone?`?
[19:46:32] Viking_Flink > NRU U DONT NOW NOTHING
[19:46:40] lakaelo > maybe you touched his ass and he dont like it. i dont know if he is gay too
[19:46:46] lakaelo > lol sarge
[19:46:50] Viking_Flink > HAHAHAHA
[19:47:43] lakaelo > found a little camper :)
[19:48:07] lakaelo > loool
[19:48:14] Viking_Flink > nife is only you kill me hahaha is so joke you cant play a skitt with gunn gay
[19:48:24] Viking_Flink > fucker noob'
[19:48:45] lakaelo > you playing gay things with guns? thats dangerous, what happend if they axplode in your
[19:48:47] lakaelo > ass?
[19:49:03] Viking_Flink > bla bla you talk lika a child you play a shitt '
[19:49:24] Viking_Flink wurde vom Server getrennt..
[19:49:51] lakaelo > honestly...i will stop this now and ban you. we dont need such idiot here.
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Laka you're so unfair, how we gonna manage without him now :cry:
Thank you. That is so funny I had to read it a couple of times. I think my finger would have been hitting 'ban' at line 10!

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