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NRU Heed
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15 Mar 2012
Falkirk, United Kingdom
I'm 6'2" which may be above average but I never feel that I'm the only one that tall in a crowd. My legs may be longer in proportion though and with huge feet (13 UK) it can cause a problem when sitting in theatres and concerts halls. Because of that when booking we have to choose seats carefully to make sure there is enough room.

All very interesting I'm sure you are thinking. We booked to see Elton John at the Glasgow Hydro a while back and after checking decided there should be enough leg room for me after all it is a purpose built concert and event auditorium. This replaces the old venue which was basically and exhibition hall like the Münster Halle. That hall was horrible because the seating was appealing with poor views. The temporary seating was so bad I couldn't sit for long enough without being in agony after 20 minutes. I ended up listening to Journey from outside the hall as "you can't stand there".

So we got to the Hydro and made our way to the seats. And... They were even worse than the other place! The seats were awful and even after a few minutes we were both in pain! Isobel is about 5' so found the seat to big and made her legs numb. I was perfectly comfortable providing I was able to saw my feet off! There was just nowhere to contort my legs and have room for my feet!

Spoke to one of the ushers and we were lucky enough to be able to be moved to the "disabled" area. I wasn't the only one with that issue as there were other folk having the same problem. The seats were the same design as our original ones and they were the most uncomfortable I have EVER sat on! A wooden bench would have been better! I genuinely wonder if any of the architects and designers ever use the building and stuff they design or if they use a range of people to test them.

The sound in the building is a massive improvement. The old place was echoey and distorted. However, the Hydro seems to lack atmosphere maybe due to the huge empty space.

EJ was good though.


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Everybody have their problems, i have too big cock. :rolleyes:

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