Leaving Please Read

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Friend of the NRU
9 Feb 2014
time has come for me to move on and join another clan, the clan im joining doesnt allow me to wear any other tags, ive just put in my application for them
its nothing any of you have done wrong or said i love you all and i will continue to play on your forums and come on to say hi im not completley going to dissapear, i just need a change for myself :(
i just want to say thank you to all you guys its been a pleasure knowing each and every one of you and weve had some good games together i appriciate you putting up with me all these years

i have most of you on facebook feel to free to add me if u want
thanks again
Mel xxxxxxxxxxxx
AW: Leaving Please Read

bye pretty,hope to see ya sometimes on the battlefield and good luck :)
Will ask admin to keep your place open in case u return unsatisfied, good luck
lol sam u twat :p its not the end put it that way ive known u guys since bloody bf2 appriciate my place being left open too thanks saddle
Don't be a stranger Violet, there will always be a place for you here in NRU! In the meanwile you'll have to spend your time here in purple ;-)
I never had much chance to play with you Mel :p but if I had you of never forgotten about it but Sorry to see you go Mel
And hope to see you soon on our forum and NRU servers

What clan you joining Mel?

I bet PTG (Path To Glory) im seen her playing there most of time in near times. :p

Im not racistic with these color things theres no matter are you yellow or purple lol. :rolleyes:
Cool mel you may be wearing different tags but you'll always be =NRU=
Cool mel you may be wearing different tags but you'll always be =NRU=

Once go =NRU= ... eeehm, and you never go back, no matter what tags on you.

So always big WELCOME Mel! Have fun with new clan, but, as said before - remember we have cookies ;)

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