Laka's stealth mode (video)

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NRU Heed
NRU Member
15 Mar 2012
Falkirk, United Kingdom
Interesting stealth/ghost mode being "used" by lakaelo

Uploaded mine and then saw the other one. Could the others, Marenghii for example, see you? Could be fun when playing with mates and for a laugh but that is extreme glitching. I guess there are other ways of triggering it than the ladder? I get there will be bugs and glitches and there does come a time when you have to release the product but as we have discussed before BF4 was release too early. Games like BF have a following that doesn't rely on Christmas for sales (though there is bound to be a little of that) so rushing something out that is rather too buggy only results in dissatisfied customers. Had they waited a few months and had a proper beta phase it would have been more finished and things like this discovered. Weapon settings and balance would probably always need tweaking after the game has been released.

Once discovered these things should be patched and shouldn't need to wait for a full patch release to be dropped. The only thing I can think of that is stopping that is the size of the files and that the issues are part of a larger file.

Also wonder how long it takes before YouTube removes it for the music despite it being "original" made within Garageband (couldn't be bothered firing up Logic Pro!).
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in your video i say i can see both of you Glen lol, the bug was just for you. did it last the whole round or until he died?
Must of been just for me - I feel "special" now. Did appear later probably after a death.

I've also had the spawn with no weapon and the die and get stuck dead(ish), I'm assuming I am still visible as I get shot and revived but just stay in limbo. A few times I had to leave the game and others a redeploy worked.

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