Kick ban over using the DPV?

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12 Oct 2013
Okay so on gulf of Oman I got kicked for firing from the jet. I thought as long as you didn't kill it was fine. Anyways. I realized that and didn't do it again.
So the next thing I did was get the DPV and go try to attack the area with the big crane in the middle of the map. SOmeone else was in a car so I followed him we shot at each other I got back in the car chased him over to the building but he went over jumped out of the car and got into the APC when I decided to turn around and suddenly I got banned? I saw some green writing with my name on it but couldn't read it before getting banned.

So I have no idea what happened. Are you not supposed to use the car to attack? I don't remember that being on the rules. If so sorry. I would also like to know then why was the other guy allowed to attack me in the car/jump out and use the APC to attack and not even be kicked... as far as I'm aware.

My BF2 username is EmoNaziWolf
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It was me and it was simply because of your Name. No space for any sort of NAZI on our Servers....we want to Keep it clean. No excuse for such a Name and it's not acceptable.
You banned me over a name? Wow... Didn't even say get off, just ban.
I'm not a Nazi I just thought it sounded cool. Hell I have other accounts you could have just told me my name was offensive. I could probably have my name as Soviet or Communist something and that would be fine right?
mate we are an international clan and the word Nazi by ur standards doesn't sound like an offensive name but to most of us it is an offensive name and feel free to change ur name and we will let u play all night long. we just try to keep thing clean in that respect. so change the name and it shouldnt be a problem.
We have also eliminated someone with the Name Assad or Stalin in it. No politics on our Servers, all nations, races and religions should Play freely here together and have fun together.

Use your other accouunt and you are more than welcome again. one can think Nazi sounds cool doesnt get to my mind. It usually Shows People have no clue at all....but you proove us wrong I hope.
As far as I know Soviet or communist were not declared illegal parties in most countries psot WWII.

Even though the term 'grammer Nazi' is much widly used on the net and is a joke name, its hard to guess your intention on the word Nazi in your gamename. it could be a little joke name or you could be a full blown all balls out supporter of the Nazis and ther beliefs. The guys and gals here at NRU dont want to take a risk so it was a Ban.

There is guys on bf3 getting there emblems banned ( a graphic that will display on vehicles that you are in) because they are offensive.
One was a swastika, (an old german symbol taken by the Nazis an used pretty much everwhere) the others cocks and balls etc.

Sometimes a name sounds cool to the guy making it up but it damn offensive to the rest of the battlefield community.

For example if I chose the name 'ImYurRap!st' you can be sure a lot of server admins are gonna ban my ass even though I actually meant I enjoy basrape and not attacking women.

As the guys said, just have a less offensive name and you are golden !
It was me and it was simply because of your Name. No space for any sort of NAZI on our Servers....we want to Keep it clean. No excuse for such a Name and it's not acceptable.

AS HE SAYS:) enough said!!!!!
Re : Kick ban over using the DPV?

........... Fofolle 1  21b6


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Re : Kick ban over using the DPV?

i create a topic , where there are my smileys. choose which you want :)
Closing the thread.
Members please check the member section regarding Ban appeals and comments there in!!

@EmoNaziWolf: If this name shows up on our servers again you will get a perm ban that won't get lifted. I suggest you use your other aliases and realize the boundaries you cross with this kind of behaviour.

If other Heeds agree I suggest an unban on the promise that this alias is no longer used on our servers.
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