keyboard problems

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21 Jul 2012
my cyborg keyboard came to the end so any suggestion for new one i allways play in dark so it have to be lights in new one too
i have new spare keyboard logitech G105 but i dont know about that never try it though lol
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Ive just invested in a corsair k50 keyboard cost me about £69 really pleased nuf said
It has a programmable keyboard
Led keys or backlight keys and colour
Theres better keyboards by far if your willing to pay the money.

Corsair k50
I finished my PC build over Christmas and went with a Corsair Vengeance K95 RGB fully mechanical keyboard (with Cherry MX Brown switches; you can also get it with Cherry Red or Blue switches ). Every key's colour/backlight can be programmed and the K95 includes 18 G keys and a full numeric keypad. The palm rest is rubberized so its soft to the touch and very comfortable for extended play or just for typing. It comes with some colour patterns pre-programmed; like the WASD keys lit up a different colour. The Cherry brown switches provide a positive feel and a click sound when pressed so you know when the keys are activated. The keys have good height and spacing between them. Lot's of other features. I'm very happy with this keyboard.

Some of you will be happy to know the key switches are German made :)

Corsair Gaming Keyboards ? designed for competitive play, and offer great key feel and the responsiveness you need when victory is essential.
if you don't want to pay the premium for a mechanical keyboard (never tried one but apparently you either love or hate them) then just get the cheapest you can get with the requirements you have
my cyborg keyboard came to the end

Lol rage quit violence killed it? :D :D

Give that Logitech basic keyboard chance and try it while searching new gaming keyboard. Im always used basic keyboards of Logitech and they are very good, that low prize / high quality deal is almost unbeatable. There is no lighted buttons but everything else is very good. It works well for me, im never needed watch keyboard when playing, old habits guides my fingers i can watch screen 100% of time. :p
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hmm i think something went wrong i ordered new motherboard,prosessor,memories and cooler for prosessor but no keyboard :D

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