Just Watched Jurrasic World

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NRU Heed
on dvd. i was looking forward about this movie but now i am even more disappointed.

well, it absolutely nice work from the techical site. brilliant effects and so on but such a uninspired story and such a illogical story.
ok, its a dino movie so its illogical by itself lol but so many stupid story failings.
Not seen it but maybe watch it when it comes on TV for free.

Not really been excited about a film for ages. Last time I was at the cinema was for Avengers Assemble! Spectre may be something I would go to the cinema for but to be honest I really enjoy watching films at home with a glass or two of wine. You also don't get folk texting, talking, eating, being obnoxious and so on. The sound and picture also seems better at home (even before any beer or wine :D )

Amazes me the hype about the latest Star Wars film. Tried watching the old ones recently but gave up. We just got bored.

Did by all the Bond films on iTunes the other day though. £84 (£3.60 each) for 23 HD films plus all the DVD extras. Replaces the ageing DVD copies I have.

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