Just thought i'd 'pop' in and say Hi!

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15 Mar 2012

Just thought I'd pop in and say hello.

Some of you may remember me from the BF2/BFBC2 days as L4DD13 when I was a member of NRU...
I've just left your BF4 servers and had a damn good night.

Keep up the good work.


PS. My ingame handle is now PsychooPenguin
hi m8 :D nice game on locker with you ;=)

nice to see you here :D

i wanted that dao servicestar ;) and started everybody flaming about me lol... was pretty funny
Hi L4D mate, long time no see. Good times in BF2 back the days.
Have fun on our BF4 server !
hi m8 im glad u game on our servers ill have to squad up with u when ur on again
I dunno MAC... I've heard rumors that the Badger is planning a hostile takeover...he has 49% of the NRU stock and is buying up stock good oh trying to get that controlling 51%...

I may have said too much !
Hello cock :)

Ah the classic mating call of the Groomer !
Up there with

'Do you want to see my puppies'
'Do you like Werthers Originals ? I have loads in my van here'
welcome back michaell4 ,
bf4 bf4 oooh yyes bf4 ,
come back a ride on bf2 , history on :tbag::tbag::) get acquainted ,lol
lol still a bunch of nutters as ever.
Hi we played some games one night. Welcome PsychoPenguin. :tbag:


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