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NRU Heed
NRU Member
15 Mar 2012
Falkirk, United Kingdom
In addition to the poor weather on holiday I also managed to have a couple of tech disasters too.

The first was that my iPad Air 2 got bent! We had to do some laundry so I was using the iPad to play some games and read. I have a soft pouch I store and use for travel so when we were going back to the hotel room it was put back in that and placed on the back seat of the car. Got back top the hotel room in about ten minutes and noticed the soft pouch had a curve in it. Took the iPad out and it was bent! Genuinely have no idea how it happened. Wasn't hot, didn't have anything on top of it - so really don't know how it happened. Have an appointment to get it checked out. Main concern is that the battery may have been damaged. Tempted to try straightening it out but as it still seems to work...

The second thing is that I lost my headphones. I had a pair of AIAIAI TMA1s which I found comfortable and liked the sound from them. They were probably not the most accurate 'phones but I enjoyed listening to stuff on them. I started looking for a replacement and eventually decided on Audio-Technica ATH-M50X. After listening to them for about an hour now these are amazing. The bass is good but not over powering with the only thing missing is the feel in your stomach. The rest of the sound is clear but not harsh. I expect they will get better as the get run in.


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In landscape it is actually not bad! Just have this urge to try and flatten it out! Was thinking about putting it on a flat surface and piling a load of stuff on it. Need to see what the Apple folk say - it may cost to swap it out for a new one but if it does I just may keep it. My wife thought she had done it so could have got her to pa up but would have felt guilty knowing it wasn't her fault! :)

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