Just got my nem laptop ..... but .......

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15 Mar 2012

in the post 2 weeks ago youve all saw i ordered a new laptop

verry nice

but now ive got a question

in my lappie is a 80 gb ssd and a 750 gb hdd

after win istalled on the ssd i got onley 15 gig left on the ssd but i want actually allt the games and pic on the ssd
while it should be alot quicker

now is the question
on the hdd is the recovery
can i remove the original hdd and install an ssd
so i got 2 ssd

and ist is for gaming an big improvement an ssd instead of a hdd

or should i not notice a big diverence wenn the game is running

i know that for starting an search the ssd is quicker

but while being in a game is an ssd quickr also ???? or is than the hdd an equal ???

i cANT find much info about it

i hope you guys can advice me
Hi Killroy yes there will be a big diiference to your games and loading pictures videos etc...
What you could find out first is your laptop running on sata 2 or sata 3 (sata 2 is 3GB second sata 3 is 6GB second twice as much) so Sata 3 is faster
But if you brought a sata 3 SSD they are normally backwards compatible with sata 2 but not the other way around
So yes i would invest in another SSD, i have done the same myself and for gaming a must.
Hope this helps
question of space vs price mostly imo.

you can get a 2 TB sata 3 cheap. SSD for laptops.. i can't imagine how much they cost but they haven't come down so much yet imo.

Are you sure they are physically different hard drives? and not one physical hybrid drive that includes SSD ?
Also the exchange is best to have done at a computer workshop and it might break the warranty on a new laptop. Can always have some small risk involved.
I'd just install all on the sata hdd and only the most essential on the SSD. Win needs space at least 25% free on any hdd to do well and work on its prime.

How did your OS manage to take up so much room? CCleaner and put recovery on external hdd, large usb mem or a disc. Don't let backups and recovery be on the most likely place that can get damaged.
my thoughts.

gl with your decision.

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