[Report] JuonMytOlutta being against trans woman? (i thinkt hats what he meant when i said "non-binary" ?)

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16 Jun 2021
Warszawa, Poland
I don't get what is offensive here ? :unsure:
he was just claiming that someone like trans woman dont exist if they still got a cock or smth like that but after few warns from admins he shut so i quess its fine lol (i didnt mean that it was offensive per say but just looked wrong inmy eyes, so i put it here)


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28 Jun 2020
Well, even if I'm not playing BF4 anymore for now, I assume some players are saying bad or very bad (and stupid) stuff everyday on the server 🤷‍♂️

But here I don't see anything serious, like you said, if the case has been already handled by some admins directly in game, then in my eyes it's not worth it to make a thread to report this again here, especially if the concerned player stopped acting this way after getting warned :)

Anyway, now this player is known for his attitude (y)
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