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Welcome to our forum and thank you for thinking of applying to join us.

NRU is not only a gaming community but also a great family who enjoy having fun whether this is through joking, conversations or quibbles with each other. Banter is also key on our forum the same way we do in game. So, as you can imagine we play for fun and not for our K/D ratio.

If you would like to join us then please help us get to know you a bit better. Whether this be from playing on our server or posting in our forums. We like to know the players before an application is submitted. When you are a regular player (more than 100 hours playtime) on our server and other NRU members and players know your name and your playing style, it will be more easier to get their vote to join NRU.
You can check your Playtime with this Link:

We are a international clan with members from all over the world so we are open to anyone from any country. We are only here to play games, have fun and a good time. Our main language in the chat and forums English but don't worry if your English isn't great, lots of us don´t speak it as our native language.

Before starting your application, please have a read through our rules and guidelines to make sure you are both eligible and agree to our terms.

In order to apply and become a Noobs R Us member you must be at least 18 years of age at the time of applying. You should not be a member or intend to be a member of any other Battlefield clan.

So we can get to know you better and know whose applying we require a few bits of information about you:

· Name (just firstname is also ok)

· Age

· Location

· All gamer-ID’s used for ONLINE games

This information is also used so that we can run background checks on every application. You MUST also have a clean profile on PBBans & GGC.

Once your application has been received then we will start a vote for your membership trial. If you pass the vote, we will place you on a 2-month trial. You will have the same rights and obligations as our full members too meaning you will have to represent and administrate our server as well. Once and only once your trial membership has been approved can you use our [NRU] tags.

After the 2 months are up the other members will then have a final vote on your full membership. Should you be successful then you will then become a full NRU member.

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