joghurt making

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NRU Heed
we made our joghurt since some month now with one of this "maschines". Severin JG 3516 Joghurt-Fix, weiß-grau / 7 Portionsgl�ser

its such easy that every child can do this. put 1litre milk into a measuring cup together with 1/4 tsp of yogurt ferment ( or just one organic greekjogurt ), mix it up and fill it up into the joghurt maker. need to be in there for 5-7 hours. you can vary the time depending on you like to eat the joghurt ( more liquid or not ). we like to eat it with 6 hours. after this time put it in the refrigerator till its cold.

we love to eat it with some elderflowersirup or raspberriersirup, cherries or just honey and bananapieces.

it tasted such lovely and not only such sweet as pure suggar like the joghurt you can buy in the shops. who never tried this should really do it. lol


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