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Friend of the NRU
Hey Guys,

So I was on TS a couple weeks ago and some cock named loeft otherwise known as thattherecockfromthenetherlands told me I show post and say hi.

So hi :D

Been busy for me lately so only been playing a few games and unfortunately BF3 was not one of them. Been busy because I started a new job and then got offered a different one, which I took, so now I work as an animal technician which is awesome.

Anyway, how are you ya cocks?
Welcome back nico.. Nice to hear some news about what's been happening. :)

Here it's same old i guess. work games work games work games.

thattherecockfromthenetherlands was a new one. i just know cloggy boy and heed cock. :D i'm sure there is more.. :welsh:
nico! hi m8 long time no frag. we will have to get a few rounds in sometime. great news on the job m8
Hello Nico! Not having BF3 anymore? Hope you didn't forget the basic TBAG movement ;)
Is he fuck as like. hes being experimented on by a government quango :D too....DOH !
Did you just come back to ruin my weekend?

Hello mate :)

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