Is Anonymous Donation to NRU possible per paypal

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22 Jul 2013

does the NRU Team keep the name and address of the donator confidential?

I want to donate but not disclose real address and name on the net.
Just nickname.

Is it possible?

Best Regards,

hey Josh, only our fouunder Mac can see who donates and its only the nick of donaters in the public donaters list here on the website.
Yes and then MAC boards the BA plane from the UK with all these donations and flies to his private island in the Caribbean while the little admins have to work their arses off :D LOL
So pls dont donate too much.....then he gets only to the airport by cab and no further ! :)
Just don't forget to put your nickname in the note or he won't know who it's from :p
Thanks guys, that sounds okay for me.
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