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Not a NRU anymore
Hi all ,
I want tell a lil bit of me
My Friends call me Jigga
i´m from North-West-Germany
i´m 38Years YOUNG!!!
i have 5 Kids
I Love to play in Team
First important in game is having fun second is winning
and at last is KD.

10years ago i startet to play shooter games
my first game was Warrock(free2play)
after Warrock i change to BadCompany2
my last Clan was The Modern Musketeers
I was 5 Years a TMM Member.
Unfortunately, it became less and less with active players
At the end we were still three active ones.
and that from the beginning i think 30Active players.
The Problem was ,the most of us was only BC2 Players and many would not like bf3 and bf4
and so it has gone.
I'm actually a very faithful member.
but with two three people you can not keep a clan upright and it does not make fun any more.
so I looked a long time for a new clan.
and NRU has always sincerely welcomed me on the server.
with many I have already played really well in the team.
something I have missed and found here again.
thank you for the reception in your NRU family.
I wish me a long and nice time here
with all of you

Big Greetz

PS:sorry for my bad english
i do my best


NRU Heed
15 Mar 2012
Falkirk, United Kingdom
Hi Jigga, as laka say a nice introduction!

Might be an idea for us older members to introduce ourselves or give a bit of history.
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Not a NRU anymore
i love ya can hate can love it.....I now somethink must be true....
i have a lot of bullshit behind me but nru was at my front
dont know what u think
but i dont want suck the cock from laka!?!?!
he is my friend....i think so
okay when he suck it suck it back..hehe
Thatz NRU all must be suck that small pen*s
sorry U
U COCK!!!!!
I feel good here
ThankZ 2 all and a lot


NRU Heed
lmao this reminds me a bit at heikks weekend postings when he was drunk hihi

i have to admit, i am not a big rap fan or more i don´t hear it often but it sounds nice. first, i didnt recognize that there is a mp3 player on rthe site with your songs. had to click on it before it shows up. :whistle: will have a look in the other songs in the evening. (y)
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Deleted member 432

Or maybe im second wild side person inside stressed lakas divided mind, just like Tyler Durden in movie Fight Club. He thinks i exist but we are really just his different persons. Who knows... I have to go sell some soap now... :rolleyes:
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