Ingame Commands And Server Slots


NRU Heed
because we switched adkats off to see if this making the problems and it looks like it is..a lot of admin and setup stuff is not working like before anymore and need to resetuped. the spectatorslots are working again but the server needs a restart to save it. will do it tomorrow morning. but its working so far.

"some NRU´s" is not helpfull lol same point as above. before all admin stuff was running over the adkats database. because its switched off, the old admin setup is working again and maybe some of the newer admins are not in the list. so if we have some names, we can have a look at that.
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25 Dec 2016
Hmm one thing bothering me now is to make a command like yelling the rules or whatever i need to write !yell ("lakatogglemywoggle") instead of being incognito and writing with a slash /yell. cause for some reason it feels kinda weird to me when i yell and it's seen in the text box aswell, and it seems more powerful big-brotherly when it just appears on screen... so i guess no more "/" commanding?