In remembrance of Dave (23/9/1962 – 18/4/2012)

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Friend of the NRU
2 May 2012
“The living owe it to those who no longer can speak to tell their story for them.”
Czesław Miłosz in “The Issa Valley”

Three years ago our dear friend Dave (NUZ001) suddenly passed away at the age of 49.
Admittedly, I can not tell his story for him.
All I can do is to remember him.

As some of you won’t know him, I would like to cite some sentences which are taken from his obituary:

“Dave proudly served his country with the United States Navy. He was self-employed as a yard worker and landscaper. (...) He truly was loved and valued by his family. He enjoyed fishing, hiking, gardening and being outdoors. David loved his family and will be greatly missed by them and his many friends”.

And so it is.
I know that there are still some people in this clan who miss him, his sense of humour and his kindness.
They won’t have forgotten the happy moments spent together in BF2.
Many of us will still remember the epic rounds in “Midnight Sun” and his most favourite place there, the TOW.

Today marks the third anniversary of his passing away.
My heart goes out to his family, especially to his wife and daughter.

In my opionion it is important to keep his memory alive.
For me, forgetting feels a lot worse than remembering the pain and the sadness many of us went through upon hearing the devastating news.

By remembering Dave we honour the life he lived, thus turning fleeting moments into lasting memories.
I had no chance play with him but i think he would be good cock. :(
Thanks Manuela, I always thought we should put a banner on mainpage at this day of the date of Daves death.
I have the same problem like Laka and always forget dates, so its good you didnt forgot it Lady, :)
And yes when some good games on NoFly comes to mind I often remember Nuz/Dave.....

A short anecdote: One evening we were on NoFly and we were in the same team, but I don't know why, we always teamkilled us unintenionally,and we did not even reached the enemy, after the x-time we both had a laughter and we decided that it is better that one of us switches to the enemy team.....
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You are right, SEK, some of the best BF2 games were always played together with Dave.
I can still hear his “hi, psp, howdy, mate?”

He was a really good guy and shall not be forgotten.
Thank you very much indeed, gentlemen, I am very glad to see that the memories are alive and that he is remembered dearly.
thx lady gosh.. has it been three years.. it was mr nuz and mr threesixes who got me hooked on and eventually got me to sign up, what a legacy! (poor NUZ XD leaving you blokes with a crazy danish meatballz tbagger and TS/forums spammer and CS rager! xD ) well i know from the time i spend with mr nuz that held want us to celebrate and keep t-bagging every time we get a chance at it and always keep our heads up! good words to live by dave... heres to you mate. (raises a dram)
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Dave was awesome. I first got up know him playing on the bib server on bf2. He was always in a good mood. He is in peace

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