In-game Chat And Respecting Other Players

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NRU Heed
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15 Mar 2012
Falkirk, United Kingdom
To say something kind costs nothing, to say nothing costs less.

The NRU community is based on having fun. The server is somewhere that noobs can play without being ridiculed for being inexperienced, probably get killed a lot but hopefully still have fun whilst dying. It is somewhere that you can ask for help without any question being considered stupid. If BF4 is the first Battlefield game there are things that you won’t know, secrets on maps etc. that a quick question will solve. Hopefully they will have enjoyed playing and come back because of having a fun experience.

The basic server rules are quite simple:

1. No cheating.
2. No shooting into or out of the bases.
3. No red zone camping
4. No racism*

Stick to those and things will be fine.

*Whilst racism is obvious this really means respect other players. The NRU has regular players from all over the world. That means they could be of any gender, may subscribe to religious beliefs, may be of any ethnicity, may have a sexuality different from yours and so on. Using a derogatory term like “gaymore” is offensive to a group of people. If “hetromore” or “whitemore” were used that would be just as offensive to those groups.

People have different standards when it comes to how colourful their language is. Not everyone uses swearing or finds it acceptable in general conversation. The server language filter is there to guide players as to what is acceptable. What it isn't very good at is the context that words are used. That is where a human intervention is required. We can look at a conversation and see what was said rather than just individual words. We can then see what the intent was.

What isn't acceptable are comments that are abusive, crude or offensive to any players be they NRU members or not. We are not trying to be politically correct and over zealous and not allowing any banter but we will not tolerate abuse from anyone and a ban is a distinct possibility so remember that when using in-game chat.

We don't want constant hacking accusations either. The in-game systems will check players and deal with them. Other players stats are checked too. Yes, there are players who get through and the admins will check them if they are suspicious and act accordingly. We are not asking for any suspects to be ignored but check a little before making an accusation.
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