I stink in writting english but ill give it a try

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New Member
17 Jan 2014
Hallo there u great ppl on bf2 no fly Played a long time on your server and i enjoy every moment of it,mostly i like that ff is on so you have to think a Little before you shot. a bit of a lone wolf but i try to join a team when i remember it) dont now what else i can say other than i love your server and the very nice ppl playing Thx to the admins , dont always agree but mostly)

See you on the Battlefield... The Gnome ...
Hi Gnome, we had a couple of good squad ups last time. You're a good Teammate and a nasty enemy, lol. (and I mean nasty :) )
Welcome to our Forum mate.
Greetz SEK-Leader
welcome dude, this place is the place to be:) they are a good bunch (a bit feaky if you ask me) im sure one of the heads will be along asap to say hello :)

ps . hope you like tea:)
Welcome, Gnome, I am sure you will feel at ease here. :)
Hi Gnome and wellcome!! GAN YOTA!!
Long time regular on No Fly, welcome to the dark side. :welcome:
welcome mate dont worry about your english here we are all from different countries and still manage to communicate :)
ey gnome ya cock welcome to the forums :-3 as mr. sweney says if you use google translater its not gonna be a problem :p cya out there
we already have a danish cock in our collection (cfr mr Fortuna)
i like that ff is on so you have to think a Little before you shot. a bit of a lone wolf

FF being on is the reason I still love bf2 mwuhauuaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

and Lone Wolf is the way forward..or LoneHorse as I like to say.

squadding up and being helpful to my team mates just makes me feel all dirty& wrong
"being helpful to the the team...", so that's what u call stabbing/shooting ur teammates (ergo me mostly) in the back nowadays??????

u fanny :D

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