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New Member
8 Sep 2015
Cape Town
Hi there. I just joined this forum. I see there is no thread here for Battlefield Hard Line. Interesting
Hi there dewalds86 welcome to our forum

There are some here who play hardline but not many I think were mostly BF4 BF3 and BF2 fanatics and some counter strike fannies :)
Welcome to the forum ;)

Im out of the CS GO fraction ;)

Bf hardline seems pretty dead anyways :D it only has 2500 players at the highest peak in the evening on PC:D ( i just see its 49 players on xbox360 atm :D)

I personally thought its only a mod for bf4 why paying full price ;) and bf4 was so soon before so most of our clan didnt bother paying for that ;) and it was the right choice I think
Hi from me too!

I think the saddest time since I joined was seeing how unhappy the BF2 folk were at it's slow(ish) death. I think most of us played the Hardline beta but as Steffos says, it seems to be a lot of ££s for BF4 in jeans and T-Shirts. Yes, the gameplay is different but not sufficient enough to hit the buy button.

I think the update some of us here would like is full size maps but with one flag to fight over. We don't take things too serious here!
Occupation: SEO Strategist

Heh I see now, pretty cheeky way to do your job. :p
What a cheap thing to do.. I like it lol you think EA hired him?
lol his signature is back and even worse ;)

maybe I should register for a dating site since im single ^^
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Daamn, i haven't played for at least 3 months already :( does some one still plays BF2???
Daamn, i haven't played for at least 3 months already :( does some one still plays BF2???

I guess most of people gave up and moved on to newer ones. :p Come play BF4 Fat Company with us? :)
This week I got an afternoon shift in work, but in the next gladly :) I'll let you know on facebook ;)
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