I Fucked Up -bf4 -need Admin Help -metro Server

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New Member
25 Aug 2016
I got angry and called a Mexican an "asshole nigger" in Spanish. If you guys do unban me from the Metro server I promise I will stop with the foul language. I just really enjoy the server, my IGN is "TheJackin_Kracken"
That isn't our server so we can't unban you. Probably wouldn't if we could, why use that sort of language towards anyone? You have time to think when typing. Costs nothing to say some thing nice, cost less to say nothing.
I have to agree with @glenwilson . That sort of language is not wanted in game and shame on you for saying it, even in anger. The ban would stay in my eyes!
Yea, I know it was fucked up now that I look back at it. Thanks for the advice and have a good one.
If my friend is Alive,he will be very Sad for ya Language !
It this:

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