i am not sure what happen


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18 Jul 2013
montreal canada
hello I was on your bf2 server we had dragon map on I was in us side we capture the refinery so I was defending the flag and a guy name watugi kick me for camping the flag ,it not a base it a capturable flag I never heard of that rule before can you have a talk with him about this ,I know I kill him 2 time at refinery but it just a game thank you.


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25 Apr 2012
Peterborough, UK
Dogmeat - Thankyou for taking the time to come to the forum. I stand firmly by my decision to kick you.

Twice you sat in a tank away from the flag waiting for someone to come and try and take the flag.
I kicked you the second time and explained why.
And your response was not really necessary was it ?
You came back and killed me - no problem there - but then you said "I suppose you gonna kick me now for killing you"
Responses like that to an admin decision usually result in a second kick or ban, we're not here to be abused by people who dont agree with our decisions - but I left you carry on playing, other admins on here wouldn't have been so easy going ! However, had I seen you repeat your antics - you would have been banned for the next round at least.

Hopefully you have seen the rules now. Sitting in tanks away from a flag capture point when you already have the flag, waiting for prey isn't in the spirit of how we play. You are a very good player, very accurate. Why you need to sit in a tank and wait to kill people is beyond me - but each to their own.

There's no hard feelings on my part - hope you will return and play fair.

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