how you "got" your playtime?

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ok, i´m bored just now and a little bit curius. lol but this question is in my mind since some time.

we all are no more student with a lot of time anymore. ok most of us lol. so most of us are married, had jobs, family and so on. regardless a lot of us playing often on our server. equal b2 or bf3.

at this point my curiosity is stepping forward. lol how you handle it to get your "freetime" for some games?

for me its realy easy. my wife is also some kind of "internet-junkie" and also surfing on her pages. so i have the time to do my things. also we have some "family time" in the evening so there is no playing. luckily i go to bet around midnight and my wife is going to bed around 10 o´clock. so i have my "freetime" to play and being around here.

weekend is easier at all. sitting on couch with my laptop and surfing at forum is no problem. well, expect my wife is moaning about it lol however, if she is doing her internet stuff too i can say "i go to play some rounds" and all is fine. ;)
Well for me i come home from work at about 4.45pm, then my wife goes to work at 5.30pm as she works nights lmfao sorted yeeeeeee haaaaaaa! gaming and ermm ermm no not porn lol
i have two kids one 9 and one 14 which entertain them selves so my life is bliss at home from Tuesday to saturday. But she does not mind me gaming as it keeps me out the pub and other bad habbits..... :eek:
i have thought about asking this myself also . lakaelo my situation is very similar but my wife really does give me a hard time about playing on the pc . Andy you have it well sorted :}
lucky guy . i would love to go on teamspeak more but this normally happens when my wife goes away with kids to her mums .. i do miss the kids tho' .
the other day i sneaked a few words with scatha for the first time and my wife was mocking me about it ..... oh dear , i could be a football guy who looks at results all the time and going to matches and pub all weekend ffs .
any regards to all , rich.
ps t11 enjoy it while you can :} i liked being a student but most of the time i was just racing motorbikes ! really good fun :}
Re: how you "got" your playtime?

17 years married then a 5yr then a 3 year relationship has proven to be enough for me so i dont have to answer any questions,other than the last 8 weeks i can pretty much play when and as long as i like.
having no debt or car payment is a big help,i also find its important to me whos on the server rather than just general playing as some of my mates need to be on or i dont enjoy it as much.

if im meant to be doing anything with the sunday wench but then i see spunky,ape or a host of others on the no fly,then chunky mags the acrobat gets bombed till everyone leaves the server then i call or text her begging forgivness and head over with some pringles lmao UNLESS myself and spoony end up on skype and we can be there till 5 or 6 am putting the world to rights and being very funny lmfao

good topic lakka

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Well seeing as I live by myself in a house thats too big for me, I don't have any such worries re: gf/wife or kids, game whenever I like, more so at weekends so I can get some sleep through the week to go to work...
I still enjoy BF2 as much now as when it launched 7/8 years ago.

I usually play a couple hours most days depending on my family duties- the mrs is pretty tolerant and leaves me alone to have fun with my special cyber mates but deep down she pities me Im sure for my juvenile behaviour but then all lads like to play war games so she puts up with it

I dont gamble,I dont go out on the lash and I dont go clubbing no more chasin fanny(much..mmwuahauahua).... so mrs spunk knows where I am to keep an eye on me in my garage bunker

She finds it amusing I sometimes skype whilst playing battlefield-Badger,Spoony,Boaby,Ape,Riggs,Puia and even that cock Lee even though hes an eel fondling bender so she tells me to be aware of stranger danger around him

Truth be told Lakey...I miss our 'Sascha t bag-athons' and Badger and I long for the day when you see sense and return to the arena of the cool kids.
BF3 doesnt suit you any more ... t bagging just doesnt feel right in BF3 and with no teamkilling activated ffs..whats the point? just wrong I tell you.

Having a giggle with Badger and co is what its all about- ask Scatha, we evil medic'd him the other night lmao.... I got 'at least' 20 knife kills in on him whilst Badger got fuck knows how many medic revive points til the poor lad was able to run away lmfao good times
We're a family of nerds. Wife tends to spend some freetime on the net puzzlegaming, surfing and keeping contact with friends. Son got his own kinda games and interacting with friends.
Sometimes i get some games with my son. Some rare occasions we all play the same game.
I have had much less time lately due to being busy with a lot of things and some games have been piling up and don't know when i'll have time to give em a go.

Nevertheless family doesn't mind at all my gaming. We have some quality time enough sometimes movie, chinese or just being together for whatever reason. I'm done for several years with any clubhopping etc and now and then even invite some m8s over to game or just have a blast.

Wife does get irritated sometimes when i'm up late on TS but i can be irritated with her at some things.
Most of the time the gaming involves beer and taking it easy with kyntteri or anyone to relax after a hard day/week.

Great topic, laka.
yeah same as that geno, we have 3 desktops in the house, 2 laptops & an xbox all online at some time or other...then we all got smartphones lol, infact its a wonder how we ever spend any time together, but we still do other stuff.
today the boy helped me on our alotment spreading muck & putting in posts for a new fence & the 'wife' & daughter went horse showing for the day.

tomorrow me & the missus are going dancing for new year celebrations so i have my brownie points sorted to game as much as i like!!
I have a busy life, but manage to play quite a bit :)
Normally, I work 7am-3pm, and am home by 3.30pm. Sometimes do late shift, but not very often.
I have a bad habit that as soon as I get home, I switch my PC on!
Until about 6pm, I am normally on my PC, either playing or surfing, or pottering around the house.
Hubby comes home about 5pm.
Between about 6pm - 9pm, is when we spend most our time together( apart from bedroom ;) ).
I cook dinner, and he helps (sometimes!)
Have nice dinner, glass of wine, chat etc.
Then most nights, it's gaming time! :)
He doesn't mind that much as PC is in living room, where he normally sits and watches TV,
so he can still talk to me, and keep an eye on me! and I can watch TV as well!
Prob why I am afk quite often, am watching TV!
Otherwise, if I was in separate room, don't think our marriage would last very long!
And I don't want that, as I like spending his money lol :D
Normally, play until about midnight, or later, then bed.
Am lucky, as I don't need much sleep, about 5 hours is enough for me.
I first got back into gaming (Battlefield 1942 then BF2) when i was laid off and bored back in the early '00. I would stay up late and do nothing but watch tv and drink beer. So now i drink beer and game. I get play time when i can, i am sometimes during the day for a few rounds if nothing is going on. The past 9 months i played a lot because Kacey was pregnant and she would be in bed by 7 pm. I play in what we call the Play room / computer room , play room because the boys toys are in here in an orderly fashion(most of the time anyway). The room is right off of the living room where kacey spends the majority of her time. she likes that im in here because she doesn't hear me in my fits of battlefield tourettes "how the fuck did that cock kill me when i emptied 10 bullets into him first" or some shit like that lol. She doesn't like that i game that much but i always tell her hey i could be at the bar or casino spending money we don't have or i could be here talking trash and t bagging my clan mates. I've been getting in extra brownie points because i feed the boy the 1st 2 times in the night usually once at midnight and once at 2am so she gets to sleep that much more. With the new baby Aiden and his older brother Abram im amazed i get any time to myself to game but im grateful i get sometime to talk shit with u all in game
I normally play in the "Boss" time, as an Industrial Programmer I spend a lot of time at home preparing programs before they get installed on machines in the field. I usually exaggerate the time needed to finish the stuff so that gives me spare time to game... Also I try to get home early when I return from abroad.
Unfortunately I also spend a fair time abroad with work in different factories, during the evenings I'll be on the site and Procon a lot as my work laptop doesn't really cope with BF2 even and Internet is usually shit anyway.
9 out of 10 times it's when my daughter and wife watches some girly TV show at night (e.g. Top Model) in an adjacent room and son is playing his WoW in his room...
Re : how you "got" your playtime?

i am unemployed so i have time ,but at home it is 6 people me my wife and 4 children ,i have only one desktop it is in the living room ,so be a pleasure for everyone computer,
so when there is school for 3 large ,13 ,8 and 7 years old i play the after noon when my youngest is a nap ,my wife usually goes to the computer in the evening between 20:00 and 22:00,so i really just play with good concentration game night ,
i have not yet been able to teamspeak but very soon and my wife makes fun of me already ,,,
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Re: Re : how you "got" your playtime?

I'm a Web Science student... they teach me stuff I mostly already know which leaves alot of time for gaming and my own projects.
So basically I start my days by programming, when I get bored I switch to BF3.
When BF3 bores me again, I switch to programming... etc etc...

Also, I don't get why gaming is so frowned upon.
Some people like to watch tv, I like to game instead.
Somehow gaming makes me no-life according to some people 0.o.
"Also, I don't get why gaming is so frowned upon.
Some people like to watch tv, I like to game instead.
Somehow gaming makes me no-life according to some people 0.o."

try telling my wife that lol .......oooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh dear :}
As single loner i have now lots of free time. When i was couple years ago in relationship i could play nothing, my girlfriend raged all time about training and if i played couple hours something sometimes she got so jealous. We lived together in same apartment and she was all time "Why you don't spent time with me?" if i had my own hobbies and i sitted watching tv/movies with her only 4-5 nights of week lol. :D I bought my BF2 after break up and how surprising im still single. :D :D
be very choosey with next girlfriend heik . believe me if you get a 24/7 type your life is over lol.

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