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would be nice. :)

the problem is always that we have different timezones and different time windows where we have time to play.

but we can and should more communicate together. if you going into bf1 than sent a invite to other clan mates or firends ingame. you can see who is just playing bf1 too on other server and maybe some of them just pop in after some time and help to start our server.

and/or just write something into the chatbox that you are in bf1 and trying to start the server and need some help. i am a good example for that because i have not always time to play but i can start the game at my laptop and can ghost and help to start the server. maybe this works also for some other guys they know we need help.
BF1 is a bit strange and can be lonely. Even before individual severs I found that it would show a friend or two playing and give you the option to join. Then you find the server was full so you wait, and wait, and wait..... and then you finally join the server. And the reason you got a slot is because they had left.

Even with random servers I have had to wait to join despite loads of empty servers with same nap and mode being available. Their system always seems to go for full servers. I don't remember joining one with about 20 players.
@lakaelo Yes its a shame ,I noticed there were some thing missing from the server setting ,I think this as some thing to do with DLC ,and all so unlocked skins are missing from your server that were unlocked by playing campaign ,This small things put some people of playing ,I've join some server and had thing missing from my game and just left ..
@glenwilson I very rarely use the server function in game to find one ,I all ways quick join a game ,You get a game with 30 seconds ,All so joining friends in full server if you have premium you dont wait very long, you get pushed to the front of the line if there is any one waiting with out premium .Even when there are others with premium waiting in line and you are say 3rd you still wont wait to long , soon as players start leaving you will get in ,but if no leaves then your never getting in premium or not .next patch incoming for next week with some nice fix's netcode and other stuff .
I had premium in BF3 and BF4 and don't regret that. At that time I was working and could afford it. Now I am retired spending over £100 on BF1 with premium just wasn't affordable. With a fixed income we have to budget more carefully than before. My pension pays for all the routine bills with some available for personal use after that. Yes I budget for an NRU donation. :)

For me BF1 was a waste of £60. I don't hate the game but I just don't enjoy playing it. I don't care about stats or rank progression though promotions are nice. The fundamental enjoyment comes from playing games and apart from a couple of rounds on the NRU BF1 server I have had little fun from it. With BF3/4 I have always found it fun to play on the NRU server or others. Even in game modes other than conquest. Weapon skins and stuff is a joke and provides no advantage in game.

But I just don't find BF1 engaging and I don't know why. I have tried playing with different styles from ultra cautious to nads out going for it and nothing has been remotely successful or fun. The same goes for trying any of the planes, boats or vehicles. If you can actually get a tank ( because someone is going a whole round without getting out of it ) or a plane where something doesn't look at you causing you to get shot down again that is just not fun for me. I like some of the maps but I don't enjoy them or find it interesting to explore them. They don't seem to have the depth that BF4 has.

A ot of the time BF1 feels like gunmaster where you are joining the round but everyone else is already at level 13 weapons and you are still stuck with the stupid shield. You don't enjoy it and poking yourself with a sharp object is potentially more fun. :) It is like everyone saying Julie Roberts is so beautiful and I am thinking not for me (am I missing something), I prefer Catherine Zeta-Jones! Neither view is wrong but I don't get it.
Would you mind me sending this to a Dice DEV David sirland Producer at DICE ,what you have said makes a lot of sense .
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Would you mind me sending this to a Dice DEV David sirland Producer at DICE ,what you have said makes a lot of sense .

Just realised you said that you would send it. By all means do that. I did send it via twitter but I don't think that matters.
Glen, your assessment on BF1 is more or less exactly my view. What is sad is that we may have to wait for the next BF (with WWII theme?) until BF becomes fun again. BF4 is of course a solution but something new and good would be nice.
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well if ya ever on when im on send me an invite i could probably go ghost on the server, would have to find something else to do though while i ghosted XD

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