how many hairs do we have on our chest

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4 Aug 2012
hi this one just for scatha :)

my missus has a hairy chest ..

oh yea and i just started sprouting them on my back as i got old ... sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet get the waxing strip out .....

wax back, sack and crack as they say in good old blighty lmao ..

sorry 'bout the spam guys n gals :)

regards to all , rich.
Just you wait until you get'em sticking out from nose and ears like a broom :/ - old age...
hairs. lmao long story.

it looks like they fall out on my head and in a second, growing on at my back. oh and some evil one at my ears. some of this cocks falling in any way in my nose and firmly growing there too. it kills me nearly to rip it out there. bet in some years i have more hears into my nose at on my head.

also some of this useless hears growing out of my eyebrows. there are some that growing more as the others and going longer and longer.
ive got allot of hairs on my back but im looking for someone to count the hairs on my nut sack. i need some one to get right in there and give me an exact count! so whos up for it?
anyone else got a hairy buthole ?

oh ..... just me then :)
LOL, of course that comes from a Nurse :) As long as you dont have any hairs on your chest I think all is fine :p
start your own little hair removal buisiness on the side Mari ...... sounds like you would get alot of buisiness here :)
please scatha .. dont tell me where the wart is lol .. :)
see y' out there , rich.

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