how did u find NRU

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15 Mar 2012
hi all just curious how did u come across the awesomeness that is Noobs R Us? I was laid off from work in 2008 and i bought bf1942 and had fun with it then i saw bf2 was on sale on amazon and bought it. after trying the multiplayer for a few mins in the early fall of 2008 i stopped playing it and focused on single player for a bit then one night i logged in and typed in Noobs into the search engine of bf2 and noobs r us popped up in the browser and i logged in. i wont lie i thought bf2 was more tactical when i started playing so id go sniper find a spot and look for the enemy it was a few days of that then i realized i needed to cap flags etc and started becoming friends with admin and regular players, it was fras3r that let me into the clan wayyy before we had a minimum requirement and hours in server etc... the rest is history. while i dont play with many of u as ofeten as id like i still rep the NRU tags and good atitude and let people know what were all about. i will also not lie when i first say Samoz83 i thought he washawiian i thoight samoz was short for Samoan lol good times
AW: how did u find NRU

i bought the game (bf2) 3 years ago,then i played on a Server called German Fun Killaz,also a nice clan,but after i install the Extension pack i could not Play on the Server dammit,so i was looking for a new one,and there i found him.
The best Server of the universe "NOOBS R US" i love the no-fly rule,and day after day i found friends here,and i think we have the best and fair admins (thx for not kick/ban me in my beginning career as tankwhore) lol.
Nice Topic Mr.Sweney,and you are right,thats my Gaming Family :)
I had been playing BF1942 a lot in SP mode and when BF2 came I played SP too but finally tried MP and still remember my first kill/death! :) I spawned on the roof of the Construction Site in the Sharqi Peninsula map and started shooting and was killed and killed a foe the very first second. It was so different from playing SP (i.e. harder) so my k/d was hovering around 0.3 for a long time. But it was fun! Being a true noob I searched for noob in the server list and started playing at the NRU server and found it fun, well-admin:ed and with hilarious chat banter. After some time, in 2008 I think, Mac kindly invited me to become a member; the rest is, as Sweney says, history.

Needless to say, playing any BF version without the NRU seasoning would be much less fun so three cheers for NRU! :D
I also started with BF1942. Played it with my workmates. Then in 2008 we went over to BF2. First two month we struggled around on shit air combat servers until we found =NRU=. First admin I came across was SponnyMcSpoons. I played about a year as regular on the =NRU= server, beside RusssoTouristo and PSpieli66. In 2009 I founded a Team with some other regulars called =NRP= (NRU regular players) but this was a short rise up because after a week the NRU Heeds recruited the whole =NRP= Team :)) And since this i am here in this nutshouse :))

ps nice anecdote- I was on the server many hours with RussoTouristo, always squading up together and one day he was away. Also he wasnt on the server the next days and I wondered where he is. Some days later I noticed a new player called LoneWolf, and the next days we were on together and after 2-3 days I said to myself- This guy plays and acts like Russo- I asked him in the ingame chat if he is Russo. And he was. Kinda funny to recognize a player by his style :)
(btw someone heard something from him?)
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Got BF2 and liked the single player game. Tried the online game but was just spawn killed every time I tried so gave up and just played single player.

Played Bad Company as single player.

BF3 came out and played the campaign and then tried the multiplayer. Tried a few servers and was getting spawn killed a lot and was about to give up but tried an NRU server. Totally different experience with none of the crap I got elsewhere. Changed my view of online gaming and made it fun.

Obviously I don't have the same BF history as many of you and I suspect not coming up the ranks of the battlefield games show in my lack of skill but having fun is the important thing.
played bf2 a lot :D

got killed by airwhores all the time and searched for some strange cocks who would forbidd arikills :D found =NRU= <3

i know no server like bf2 where you have admins online in 95% of all evenings :D (and in bf2 admins are important ;) spawncamping baseraping etc is sooo easy ;))

became my 2nd regular server besides the dmk infantry only karkand :D

always became a warm welcome on the no fly :D so i thought pop on the TS and then on the forum :D
I think it was in 2007, like Steffos I was getting annoyed at op jets in bf2 and stumbled across the no fly server. All I really remember is mario and his swearing :)

i will also not lie when i first say Samoz83 i thought he washawiian i thoight samoz was short for Samoan lol good times
The name I think is just from when I made my first hotmail account when I was like 7 and it wouldn't let me have Sam but instead suggested samoz83 so I just stuck with it.
Re: AW: how did u find NRU

i bought the game (bf2) 3 years ago,then i played on a Server called German Fun Killaz,also a nice clan,but after i install the Extension pack i could not Play on the Server dammit,so i was looking for a new one,and there i found him.
The best Server of the universe "NOOBS R US" i love the no-fly rule,and day after day i found friends here,and i think we have the best and fair admins (thx for not kick/ban me in my beginning career as tankwhore) lol.
Nice Topic Mr.Sweney,and you are right,thats my Gaming Family :)

yush your a shining example of an armorwhore turned cock ya greek fanny XD
well i started with playing BF1942 in 2002 when the game came out, i was visiting a netcafé with a mate of mine and we discovered BF1942, and understandably i got hooked instantly XD however my computer was an old wreck so just kept playing CS 1,5 for a year or so then the comp broke down and i got a new and bf1942 :p played it all the time for a couple of years and was a member of a clan for hire called BWB or belgarian war birds :p played with them for a year till BFV got released and jumped over to that with the rest of the BWB's then i played BF1942 and BFV till around 2008 when BF2 came on sale :p then i bought it and found out i couldnt play them on my computer XD so after a year or 2 the computer crashed and got another one wich i could then run bf2 on :p played it from 2010 all the way till 2011 when that fatefull evening happened where i found Noobs-R-Us XD i game there with a mate for a while, my mate stopped and i continued XD i felt welcome and mr Threesixes that swedish sausage and mr NUZ (god rest his soul) are the guys who brought me in to the Noobs-r-us server where i played ever since :p first months i played as regular reporting every airwhore i could get my hands on XD untill mr skynett and mr scatha asked why i didnt join the clan, applied and ended up getting accepted for being a Cock :p xD then ive been NRU´in and hunting airwhores and armor whores ever since XD
Just to give you all and insight as to how it started, me and two work colleagues used to play cod 2 (yes i'm shamed to admit that) they got bored with it so sent me out one day to go look for something else we could play, so I went into our local game store and looked at some games and stumbled upon bf2.. looked interesting, bought three copies, started playing and we all loved it.. I decided to get a web site as it was something I always wanted to try, so we decided to start a bf2 clan and it went from there, (BTW I thought up the name Noobs R Us, but the other two would claim it was them lol) we had many decent people online who have made this clan what it is so I cannot take the credit for that, but we're still going strong and here's to many more years ahead. The other 2 of my workmates lost interest and we don't see them here anymore. but they sometimes ask how its all going..
How i find word

i followed old clanmates from =HOTW= England,some of them played sometimes at NRU....But that clan ended with Bf2 when Bf3 cames
so i finished here and im still a happy co.k

so im wearing this while playing ...


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honestly i can´t full remember how all happened.

i know i played medal of honor ( must be the first one ) in single player and i really loved it. after finished the game i was looking at some equal game and find bf2. played it in single player and had a lot of fun. than tried multiplayer and get my ass whipped. lol if i look into my account i found out it was registred at 2005.

at this time i lived even more in the country site as now and i had only a shitty modem connection and later we got a special "radio delay" dsl with 1000kb broadband for the hole village. bloody hell it was shit and slow in the meantime. ad about that i had a shit high ping and i got kicked very often. beside that i was a sniper whore and got kicked for that too.

therefor i played a lot on different server. even that long i got kicked for high ping. i don´t know how i found the NRU server but i liked it because you got not killed all couple seconds from a jet or heli and i got not kicked for high ping. lol after that i stayed.
good thread Sweney ... :)
i moved in 2009 to come sit next to fides ,one day he came to me to tell me he is a very good online game ,at the beginning of my bf2 i went on the server ( panda nation )...
little info :i like the server that have a large number of players (64) ...
and visiting 64 player server i found noobs r us ,and i really like the rules ( no jump in combat and jet and heli just for transport ) ,from that moment i knew i had found a good server ,and i met (threesix , scatha ,russo ,and all those who at that time was the 2010 ),and i found what i'm looking in the human relationship with you guys , then after 2 or 3 years i noticed there was a forum server ( lol yes know i'm a little soft brain ),and i came on the forum and some time after i made my request .... to be part of this clan ....i am very happy to meet you .. :)
I was searching some gay porn and all talking about big cocks made google offer NRU-website. :rolleyes: ;) TROLLOLOL! :welsh: :tbag:

Lol i needed something to spend time when i had surgery and could not move very much so i bought BF2 Complete Collection 2011. I liked No Fly becouse there was no 24/7 air rape going on and people were nice folk. Then i joined forum when No Fly was locked with password (fun night) to ask when it's back available to all people becouse it was my favorite server. Rest of the story you know. :p
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My computer game experience started with a commodore vic 64 in the early or mid 80s and the games available at That Time. Few years with command and conquer, Half life and Counter Strike Condition Zero on PC ended up in Battlefield 1942 and from 2005-11-06 Bf2 sp and a half year later BF2 multiplay. Got my as wiped here there and everyvere ower a year killed by bombing jetwhores and heli fannys. Finaly by chance i found a server for noobs by noobs, even whit a limitation of rank at That time, cant remember which rank it was, but that felt like coming home. Started to play as regular and I´m still here.

So a big THANK YOU! mac, mario ranger and and a bunch other players, taking care of me for many years playing bf. :+1:
It was in December 2007 that I started playing Battlefield 2. I used to play single player, and yes, I practised very hard. :)
Frankly, I felt rather insecure in the beginning, so I opted for servers which were for “learners” - that is how I came across ‘noobs r us’ in 2008.
The whole atmosphere was so different from the one I had experienced on other servers where players were overeager just to win and admins didn’t even shy away from humiliating and belittling others.
As Teofild said, a certain rule was valid at that time: Players with a higher rank than First Lieutenant were not allowed on the server, so I had to leave when I ranked up in summer 2008. As soon as the clan had done away with this rule, I came back.

I remember a lot of laughter right from the start... Motheted and Spunky engaged in some witty banter (... and I am really glad that this hasn’t changed much in the last few years) which made me feel welcome... MarioRanger... Igoreskutreskuple... our dear friend NUZ... I remember Shooflydontbugme... SpoonyMcSpoons... and lakaelo who seemed to be very quiet at first but then, after a while, was pulling my leg when he shot me: “nananananaaaaaa!” . :)

I was very pleased to meet so many kind and funny people who didn’t take themselves too seriously, people for whom it was important to have a good laugh and a good time together, people I felt (and of course still feel) very comfortable with.
Times may change but the NRU spirit remains the same. :)
I was a bit late in gaming but bought bf2 with a mate at work loved it and I found the server while searching for girl gamers I typed in boobs but must have spelt it wrong and the rest is history :)
P.s I still cam late night so if your up for it girls pm me :)

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