Honey, I'm Home!!!

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Friend of the NRU
15 Mar 2012
London, England
Sorry been away for a while...had some personal stuff to sort out.
But, I'm back now :) and looking for new victims...I mean patients to treat the Mari way! :)
just in time for bf4 too lol
Wuhh our good girl, sometimes evil nurse :)) is back. Hey Mari, good to hear you got things sorted.
Missed ya here.
Hi Mari welcome back for starters
Hope your ok and your all sorted out now, good to see you on Noobs and maybe soon saving my sorry fat ass on the battlefield again and again and again lol

Think you'll find BF4 A little different to BF3
Ok controls are similar but you run slower and weapons to me are far better, vehicles are easier to destroy you be glad to no

Missed you and cya soon XXX
Good to see you're back Mari. I'm glad the personal stuff got sorted. Remember your s noobs r us clan member for life.but in all seriousness I'm glad it back and look forward to playing bf3 & 4 when kacey let's me get it :)
welcome back mari ,:D ....
( i will soon get on BF3 ,and there are a number of large bearded man who promised me :tbag:, grrrrrrrrrr ...)

BUT for YOU ,i'd be happy to offer you my body for your :tbag::tbag::tbag::tbag: me ...... (hmmmmm) .
So i put you on the priority list :tbag: nao .................;) ..
welcome back mari.

lookin forward to play with you again :)
Awww....thx guys....love u all :)
Need to get back into rhythm..had a quick game yesterday and struggled.
Got a new 32" Samsung Smart TV, but after using a 24" monitor, really hard as everything so big,
and can't see whole screen properly. Also colour doesn't seem as good as monitor.
Nice TV though :)
Mari I played on a tiny 15 inch laptop and made the jump to a 32 inch lcd. At first I struggled but now I'm used to it. I sit about 16-20 inches away so I can see everything that's happening on my screen.u will get used to it in no time.

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