Home of the exil spartans

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17 Mar 2012
The place i live :)

Looks OK I suppose. :) I'm sure it must be a fake video there is no rain. It always rains everywhere doesn't it? Looks great. Added it to my places to visit list. Thanks for the video.

Speaking to a guy today who used to play ice hockey in Germany (Stuttgart possibly) and we were both saying what a nice place it is. Everywhere seems to be clean and tidy with gardens all neat and trim.
It rains everywhere, where you are glen.
You leaved Germany and the sun comes out. :D

I think this is your favorite song...

It isn't true! It actually hasn't rained today (so far). But, generally everywhere we go (I share the blame with my wife) it rains. Two years ago we to death valley, we drove past the Death Valley Nation Park sign and I give you one guess as to what happened! Yep we had rain, true it was only a shower but we had rain in death valley when it was 110F degrees (43C).

Favourite song is probably Kashmir by Led Zep!
Where the cock really lives


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AW: Re: Home of the exil spartans

The Little Manor on 0.46 in the Video is a NUTHOUSE really ,so if badger and spunky come to visit me they can stay there lol :)

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