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Did beer cause that levolution at left side of castle? :rolleyes:
I remember well our trip to South Wales - your fotos conjure up many happy memories and the very essence of the perfect mix of Welsh culture and the country’s natural beauty.
Thank you, Glen, for showing us these gorgeous pictures. :)
very nice pics. i love this old ruins standing on the green lawn. don´t know why but i love this settings lol looks so clear. even with a bear and your mom lol

honestly, never saw so many different raptor birds in one show. some of them i never saw before. very interresting.
Thanks. The bird displays were really,good and you got to see a varied selection of birds flying from little owls to the white tailed sea eagle. Tracking them and getting a decent shot is so hard. Yes you can get a picture of a bird but getting them in focus is another thing!

The style of castles in the south of Wales is more functional and defensive than those in the north which were more a home with defences. We still have loads to visit as Wales has about 100 still standing out of the 400 it had.
Holiday video - mixture of video and photos. Nothing too exciting and no slo-mo!

Link (to OneDrive rather than YouShiteTube) should work though you can but the DVD :) Had problems with copyright claims on YouShiteTube recently where people were claiming I had used their music when the only sounds on it were birds! Have used music in this one so thought I would try this way.

Holiday June 2016
There was also a pheasant that was on the road to the cottage that would refuse to move. Even when Isobel got out to shoo it the thing wouldn't get out of the way. Once past it the bird would chase the car! But as soon as I set cameras up to video it the bird never did it again!
Nice castle, found my sniping positions ^^

By the way, try bavarian beer and get to now the difference.
Let me suggest Franziskaner Weißbier and Augustiner Hell.
Best choice in in my red drunken eyes ^^

Sniping goes better, when targets are more stabel with a relaxed hand...
(My good, hope you will not get an wrong or to real impression of me ^^)

Realy thought you prefer Glen Grand ^^
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I'll look out for those beers. Have made a note of them and will try and get them on our "Farewell EU European Tour". :snaphappy:

Edit 1: Tescomdoes the Franziskaner Weißbier so will get that next time I am there.

Edit 2: Looks like Amazon may have Augustiner Hell so may put an order in!
Be warned, we drink the normal lager in 0,5 liter glasses, but it is also served in 1 liter glasses called "Mass"
On "Oktoberfest" the world wide well known "big beer party", the english vocabular makes really sense....weapon of "Mass" destruction ^^


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