hippie hippie bf4 :D

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NRU Member
16 Oct 2012
so guys :D

I thought we could all come on TS at thursday evening and could game a bit together at the first day of BF4 :D

i would really appreciate that cause i never saw a lot of the nru guys on TS :D

maybe we could all come out of our skypewholes and game a bit together :D

greetings steffos
im sorry i dont come on ts for that.......im a bf2 cock.......but i wish i can play it soon

but first my laptop has to die,before i can go for an other game-pc.......so i have only bf2 and bc2 that my laptop can run
Well steffos thats great but just to let you no BF4 has VOIP built in but ill be there just hope our server is up and running

I Just started to use it before beta finished......
So if anyone herd some macho hunky sexy voice it wasnt me :arg:
pf thats not the same as TS that VOIP even though its nice to have it back ;)

cause they say its something new but i use it everyday in bf2 xD

so nice :D fill it up the TS and give it some live (despite to the bf2 cockchannel i love so much, which is always damn full)

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