Hi you, remember me ? :D

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4 Apr 2012
Hello ladies !

I don't know if you remember me..if you do then that's cool ! I hope you're all fine, and keep having fun on the battlefield. ;)
I wanted to give you some news, for those who care !
So now (and it's been 10 months now) I'm living with NeoField the cocky boy in a flat in Lyon for our studies.
I stopped playing because of love story, but fuck, she left me alone 2 weeks ago. So maybe I'll play a little bit more, not sure because exams are coming again !

I guess new members joined the clan, then..I would just say to them that I was member of the NRU..2 years ago ? (already, damn !)

Let me kiss you, everywhere ! :D

Course you are remembered m8...And missed too
Hi mate, nice you dropped by. And interesting to hear that two NRU gamer live together :)
nice to hear something from our ex-nru-pro-player :)

wish u all the best with ur studies and love life.
Hi i don't know you but it's nice see old member coming back home. :) If you play BF4 im sure we get very close soon. ;) :tbag:

And dont worry, nowadays are great times to us single cocks: We have fast internets, eternal supply of porn and price competition makes Fleshlights cheaper. :welsh:
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Haha yes..the NRU pro player..that will always makes me laugh I think ! :D
Btw ty for your welcome all..that's nice to see you didn't forget me !

Finally, I've no worry about my love life, it appears that..it's already in progress ! And I'm freaking happy !

Weird Heikkininen, your name sounds to me, but well !

Laka, sordids, Mac, I hope you are always as good as you were with me :)
Love you guys !

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