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13 Mar 2013
- Name: Im fine with Noodle
- Age: near my 30ish
- Nationality: -
- What games you play: Bf3, starcraft 1 and 2 and maybe... will play arma 3
- How long have you played PC games? started around '95
- How do you find us? browsing servers while playing Bf:Bc2 iirc

Some of my several fav food are egg chicken noodle, kitsune udon and takoyaki. Also like chinese fried rice.

thanks for letting me play on the servers
(I think posted in the correct section lol)
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Yes, you did post in the correct section :D
Well, welcome to NRU "I'm fine with noodle"!
hi and welcome ...............................................wait a minute this isnt another one of jims windups is it ?? :)

only joking noodlezzz .

my fav food is apples ,
hello m8 nice to see you finding your way onto the web site aswell as the servers.
lmao.. it might be translated into "teabag" ?
well, I was relying on u having at least one brain cell to work that out!
but guess u r male after all!!! :D

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