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22 Aug 2012
Staffordshire (UK)
Wishing you all the best and Happy Christmas and New year, I'm still around playing online but heavily invested in Warthunder with my son he plays on PS4 Pro and me on Pc so the game is cross platform which is really nice (y) ill try and fit some BF4 in over the xmas holiday but will be tricky, my daughter is home with her 8 week old baby so that will be really nice for the family.

A big congrats to Glen for Becoming a Heed you deserve the job :D

Love you all and take care happy Xmas

And a big congrats to sascha on Job promotion (y)
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Hello Andy, thank you.
I do hope that you enjoy the get-togethers and every single moment spent with your loved ones.
Merry Christmas to you and your family! :)
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