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16 May 2018
hello, I have played on the server (i'm the one at the bottom k 0 - d100) just starting fps. most of my improvements in the game have been giving out med packs and riding in helicopters getting free points. i have not used teamspeak yet but have downloaded it looking forward to getting some kills. But most important seams to be PTFO. see you soon.

Real name is Ben from UK
I am a Drainage Engineer
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15 Mar 2012
Falkirk, United Kingdom
Hello and welcome Ben.

Hope you enjoy playing on the server. Feel free to ask anything or if you need help. Yes, we may have heard the questions before, some you may think are silly to ask but we will answer them (maybe with a hint of humour:) ). We are more than willing to help as we want people to have fun and just starting out can be frustrating. Not all players on the server will be noobs but our aim is to have a server that is a fun and pleasant place for all players and of all skill levels.