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As laka said in the chat with all the server plug-ins it is a great place to just have Battlefield fun. It isn't about stopping people having banter or moaning (too much) but is about stopping all the unnecessary abuse that some people seem to dish out and forget that could affect people that see it.

Sorry I didn't get a chance to play today but hopefully will see you on the server soon. Look out for SUAVs from llama with love! :)
Will look up to see after ur SUAV.;)
You prolly wont manage to miss me, im the biggest bullit magnet in BF4 history! :)

Still getting used to mouse and keyboard, since been playing on PS and XBox last few years, just getting back into PC gaming!
lol, I got BF3 on the Playstaion and have only ever managed to get one kill.

My SUAV can find anyone, anywhere. :)

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