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13 May 2014
South West England
Hey all, I've been knocking around for a few weeks now and decided to try and get a bit more involved in the community (probably at a bad time considering the Gamespy shut down supposedly killing all BF2 servers).
I'm a final year student in south west England studying countryside management. I'm a barman and am training towards working as a tree surgeon.
I only speak English, always had trouble learning other languages.
Bought BF2 back in 2010 and played with an account called Bauch5 on my crappy 8 year old Dell (with my terrible, constantly dropping, rural town internet connection) until I went to uni 3 years ago.
I used to be part of a clan called the Banana Bunch, but they disbanded while I was at uni (the campus connection blocked online gaming) and I never found out what happened to them. Bawbag-billyboo who sometimes appears on your main server used to be a regular on our 24/7 Fushe Pass server years ago.
I started my new account as a fresh start with a new house, new internet connection, new year kind of thing.

I also own BF3 but BF2 has always been my favourite and pretty much the only game I've ever been remotely good at.

See you on the Battlefield.
Welcome Pandson, we are glad that you found your way to the forum. :)
welcome here :D

oh and EA already said that they want to migrate the gamespy sytem for all BF games on their own servers :D

so i suppose nothing will really change :D
lets hope it wont :) anyways eyy mr pandson :-3 nice to cya joining our community XD if you need a barf bag after looking at some of the posts ill mail ya one :p XD word of advice stay away from badger threads untill youve gotten more used to our NRU "style" ;-) XD
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Cheers guys :) is there a page here with the TS3 server info? I managed to buy a laptop with an integrated sound card that's incompatible with VOIP.

"Badger threads"? Sounds pretty workplace friendly to me...
The front page has all the info, if you click on the Noobs R Us TS3 on the right side it will open our TS (or the same link in this post :p)

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