Help Needed BF3 Stats

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22 Aug 2012
Staffordshire (UK)
Hi guys ive obviously noticed some of you have graphics (Stats) under your forum posts, can you please advise on how you do this. Ive created a BF3 stats account : )

Many Thanks Andy
You don't need an account just go to bf3stats page click on graphics and choose your preferred sig with stats, click on it and you get the link to add for signature. There's also some search options for the graphics to narrow them down a bit..
Ffs laka! Don't lick your screen!

Nice sig hondacock. It better be cream and not like some glue or uretane to get a cheap chastity protection. Wonder if she plays bf3?
andys sig ffs.. CREAM... must.. lick.. it.. off...

Anyone lactoseintolerant? :p

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