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15 Mar 2012
Halmstad - Sweden
I have been searching for a wired closed headphone with (at least close to) HiFi sound and some oomph in the bass department (without becoming too overwhelming) and have tried/bought various headphones from Sennheiser, Beyerdynamic and such. Most were close enough and have been ok but not "it".

So, finally came across a good deal on Sony MDR-1A for 100 Euro/ £85, a pair I've been interested in for some while. Now after having tested these for a couple of days I must say they are really a good deal for that money. As I listen to different types of music i.e. from progressive metal to Bach piano variations to reggae I can say they they are pretty good with most types of music. And they fit my large head!

More info for those interested (and/or give me a shout):

Sony 1A Headphones

Edit: forgot to mention, they’re light too and comfortable to wear.
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The trouble with headphones is getting to try and compare them under reasonable circumstances and with music that you actually like. The Sony’s were on my short list but couldn’t find any where to try them out without buying them. Headphones aren’t the most fashionable things to wear but I do like the look of them and you don’t look like a cyberman with them on. Hope you really enjoy them.

I got a set of Audio Technica M50X which I have really enjoyed having. They seem to cope with a variety of music and spoken word. I was lucky that someone I knew had some and was able to try them for a few hours. The only thing was that the pads that came with it were uncomfortable after a few hours. After some looking I got these: Amazon product ASIN B00X5ISRA4
I can wear them all day now. They fit a lot of headphones too. They seem softer and the area where your ears fit is roomier too compared to the original ones. As with anything with a speaker you do need to give them a while to loosen up as out of the box they won’t be the finished article.

Did eventually get to hear the Sony and if I was needing a new set would definitely give them a try.

I would like a Hi-Def music player but none seem to have decent storage. For me they should have 500+gb but so many have just 64gb. Streaming at home is OK but not when traveling or in the car.

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