HDD / SSD clean up

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NRU Heed
since some time i was surpised about my C: HD. it was more and more full but if i had a look at it i can´t find any big programs running on that. my system HD is a 120GB Samsung SSD and last month it is always showing at 105GB from 120GB used.

so i looked about a prog to have a deeper look into my hd and found this little helpfull prog.

SpaceSniffer - Download - CHIP

it is absolutely brilliant. its shows which progs use the most space on your hd and you can check them and delete it if necessary. also you can find some old install or setup data o you can delete them.

and it shows your pagefile.sys

this is a systemfile for backup your RAM. windows manage this alone and set the size of this file at 1,5 times of your RAM. so if you running a system with 8GB RAM, windows set the size of the pagefile.sys up to 12GB !!!!!

in case of a expensive SSD it is a lot of space you can´t use. even more if it is not necessary these days you run system with 8GB RAM or more. than you can lower the size down to 1024MB !!!

how this works you can see in this instruktion. it is in german but i think you can see in the pics how it works.

with the tool and reduce the pagefile.sys i got + 40GB at space on my SSD. that is amazing. i was just looking at a new 256GB SSD to replace the old one but now i can save my money. :joker:

so it is worth to try this too.
SSDs are funny beasts. You need to run them as AHCI in the BIOS to get the best out of them. Also they don't need to be defragged as the random writes helps maintain the memory and is more efficient. Because HDDs are more sequential they do benefit from a regular defrag. when I worked with Mainframes we had over 10,000 tape cartridges that were initially all in sequence but it was more efficient for the robot to put them anywhere. This is similar to the unit we had [video=youtube_share;tZwl7zSfxCI]http://youtu.be/tZwl7zSfxCI[/video] but the first one we had was like this [video=youtube_share;GwMn7YpF8r8]http://youtu.be/GwMn7YpF8r8[/video]

When we first started with tape cartridges the main policy database needed about 15 carts to back it up. Gradually storage densities increased to the point where you could get 7 copies off the policy database on one tape. If you think SSDs are expensive Mainframe memory is really costly.

Mainframe computer size has dropped massively. When I started a Mainframe would take up the space of about a quarter of a football pitch because of the cooling units, external memory cabinets and so on. Now they latest IBM M/Fs are about the size of a wardrobe and so much faster. PCs are moving to water cooling whereas M/Fs are now air cooled having been water cooled previously. Despite getting smaller M/Fs are stil quite pricey, You would need a Euro lottery rollover win to afford a smal one!

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