Have you ever felt like this....?

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Daffy Duck

Daffy Duck

NRU Member
31 May 2013
Sometimes i feel exactly like this picture while im playing online.......:


And you......?;)
Oh man....That pretty much sums up my Bf experiecne.

Playing Metro Conquest last nite. From the start we capped A then B.. Started to set up defense at front stairs, side stairs and back stairs...I put a TUGS down.....We had teh two flag cap, now time to ride the bleed out and Win this Mutha !!

But ALAS the ADAH adrenaline filled acid monkeys not content with staying put decided to go for the three Flag cap and proceded to try and cap C..... The enemey managed to sneak through some holes in our super attack formation, cap B and A and push us back to spawn trap us until round end....

I was not a happy Bunny :/
Only 90% of the time. You try advance to get some flag you shoot 3, maybe 4 at best but there's 2 full squads of medics half jumping with defibs, half with m16s and you finally die by a grenade.

What are the teamm8s doing?
1. Camping
2. Shooting each other in uncap
3. Waiting for chopper standing on where it would spawn IF it had room to spawn there
4. Trying to reach top of the tower for 95% of the map round, when getting there gets shot and rages
5. Shooting all uncap friendly assets in their own uncap with stationary AA
6. Running the wrong way
7. Blowing up the building you try recover in and get away with a bad luck for you instead of friendly kill
8. Fuck all. Prob looking at menu and choosing weapons and not able to decide what camo colour the usas should have
9. Crashing heli when not being bothered to even try learning how to fly
10. Jetwhoring with his jetwhore m8s who just love to fly and always remembering to parachute AND suicide so as not to let the enemy get a kill and not lose the precious 60 KDR of that map
11. Repairing an AA tank with 2 others that is used for basecamping and shooting inf
12. Idling and playing something else so ping rises to 500 or above

some more pics:

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My biggest problem is when I'm in s squad on say close quarters . We're all heading for a map and I jump to the front and get to the fall only to find my fucking squad turned around half way and headed another direction.keep pushing forward to the flag you Cocos
All the time - I am the monkey sitting on my arse staring at the screen wondering wtf is going on ......LOOOOOOL
ok next time we call ourselves monkey squad ..... i am definitely in :)
AW: Re: Have you ever felt like this....?

Im feels like a horse when im play.lol

i realize the big one on right side of the picture is heikkinen ???
He have a red noise thus are drunk ya know what i mean:

Heikkinen my friend i wait the time you come back to us on bf2 :))
Lol Chris. :D Come to BF3 if you want some t-bag. :welsh:
Lol guys try think positive way, your KDR rises if i focus to BF3. :welsh:
Laka got yesterday t-bagged when you tried hide behind that flower bush. :D
lak try a diff weapon next time i suggest the famas or g3a3 pew pew

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